Alduin Halfar

Founder of Fragnick


Alduin Halfar is tall bronze skinned and white haired Elf from the sub-continent of Adweld and the founder of the settlement of Fragnick.


Not much is known of the elf’s past other than he was part of the elven army from Adweld which invaded Arela more than 100 years ago. When the elven invasion was defeated some elves stayed in Arela to make a life for themselves rather than return home in defeat. Alduin Halfar founded the settlement of Fragnick along with other social outcasts. Unlike most Arelan settlements, Fragnick is not built upon any ancient ruin or former Arelan structure but was instead built up from nothing as a place out of the way for those seeking peace and civility.

Alduin has remained in Fragnick since its founding and serves as its unofficial leader. A man of few words, he is willing to give anyone a chance to prove themselves regardless of their appearance, background or upbringing and has a reputation for being stern yet fair and just. Alduin never married and has no known family.

Alduin Halfar

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