Erinyes of the 7th Circle


Arzula is an ancient fallen angel, or Erinyes, known to belong to the 7th Circle of Hell. She is a captain in the legions of the Pit Fiend Dracolun. Little is known of her exact charge as she has not often had dealings with mortals of the Material planes. Devil and Demonologists have no record of her interacting with mortals on the material plane prior to the settlement of Arela, leading some to believe she was/is involved in some way the the cataclysm that befell the ancient Arelans and/or the Curse of Arela.

From what little is known of her, she commands a small charge of Devils from the 7th Circle and has been known to make limited dealings with mortals at times where she appeared to prefer open conflict. It is not known what force or reason she has for such restraint, a trait that is most uncommon in an Erinyes. Those that have fallen to her sword and rope are rumored to spend centuries in torture and torment, only to be passed on to another of her circle when she has grown bored.

She has also been known to “claim” or “mark” unprotected souls who cross her, and collect them upon death to be tormented and used to her liking.



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