Human bounty hunter from Shivar


Aurora is a fair skinned human female, 5’7" tall with long brown hair and green eyes. She is a lovely if plain woman with a penetrating and serious stare. While ‘working’ she is seen wearing a finely crafted breastplate over a leather tunic, trousers and high leather boots. A well made composite longbow is never far from her reach, its solid look and hard pull betraying the strength hidden in her slender frame.


Aurora was born to a poor family in the southern outskirts of Shivar. Her father was a dockworker and her mother stayed home with her and her 5 siblings. Not wanting to ‘end up like her mother’ she ran off at a young age and joined with a group of caravan guards. At the age of 16 the guards decided they could do what they wanted with her but were in for a great surprise as she was able to overcome and overpower her attackers, killing 2 of them in the struggle and the rest as they submitted. Taking from them arms and armor she became a mercenary, eventually meeting Gordimar whom she has traveled with for years now.


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