Ayda Magnus

Human Female of the Free Shivar Movement


Ayda is a native of Shivar and an agent of the Free Shivar movement. She has lived in Shivar all of her 24 years, and been involved in the movement for at least the past 3 years. She had been gathering information on possible Kharlin agents within the city when someone had begun hunting free Shivar operatives. She had been investigating the identity of the culprit when her prime suspect had an apparent sudden change in priorities and left the city accompanied by the players.

Before departing the city she was able to pass on a warning to the players not to trust the Halfling she had been observing, fearing they would not survive the trip.

Upon the parties return Ayda accompanied Polycarp on an assassination attempt against Avadar Wolf, a Kharlin general who had occupied the city of Shivar during the 30 year war. They succeeded in killing the ‘Butcher of the Bay’, with Ayda cutting the symbol of Free Shivar into his chest.

Ayda has subsequently gone missing, and is rumored to be the prisoner of Kharlin agents.


Ayda Magnus

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