Human Laborer in the employ of Master Ardem


Dartis is a quite laborer currently working for Master Ardem and the College of Kharlin. He is 5’10" with black hair and brown eyes. His most distinguishing feature is an utter lack of distinguishing features. He appears to be almost a simpleton, rarly speaking unless spoken too, constantly casting his eyes to the floor, and incapable or reluctant to take on complex tasks alone. We was used as manual labor and for the excavation of the ruins north of Freeport prior to the Goblin attack, and would have been noticed by the party fetching Ardem’s tea and cleaning up after the Kharlin scholars and soldiers. He typically took meals with the other laborers. He appears to be in his late 30’s.


Little is known by the party of Dartis. No one in the party had direct conversation with him, although all save for Polycarp would have noticed him in the background at the ruins. He has not been seen since the battle of the ruins and may be among the dead.


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