Emmit Blackwood

Commander of Fort Vigilance


Emmit Blackwood is an imposing figure for a human, standing at 6’2" and nearly 250lbs. His strong jaw, penetrating grey eyes, and no-nonsense approach have served him well in his career in the Kharlin Military.


Emmit is of noble birth, the result of a union between a Blackwood house of Kharlin and the Shade house of Troy as a resolution to a long-standing blood feud. His mother and father were key factors in the alliance of Kharlin and Troy during the 30 year war, but his house spent most of the hostilities organizing logistics in the southern reaches of Kharlin and fighting the Goblin uprisings in the west.

Emmit himself was born following the Arelan Compromise and decided to remain in military service following his compulsory term. He has a reputation for no-nonsense discipline within the ranks, and is a respected and feared commander. He is best known for the sacking of goblin tribal villages following raids on the Kharlin Causeway, and for a successful term in the 2nd Kharlin North Fort, were he and his men repulsed a determined 3 day assault by an apparently well-organized undead force, holding out long enough for reinforcements to arrive and ultimately break the assault.

He took up the post as commander of Fort Vigilance, and by extension all Kharlin Forces around Shivar, approximately 2 years ago. A post which was once viewed as one of the most corrupt and back-dealing in all the Kharlin military, Emmit has broken the stereotype and conducted the operations of the Fort and its tax collecting responsibilities with both integrity and professionalism. In his first year as commander he had 3 Kharlin merchants flogged in public for offering him personal bribes, and referred two other Shivar Merchants to the Shivar Magistrate for discipline for the same. He is known among the Kharlin soldiers as having zero tolerance for what he considers conduct unbecoming of a soldier.


Emmit Blackwood

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