Human Scholar from the College of Ceres


Gideom is an older human on the tail end of middle age.


Gideom’s focus of study at the college is ancient arelan culture and civilization. He is one of the few that believe the ancient Arelan folk figure Linmer to have been a real person, and is activly persueing the location of “Linmer’s Arms”, what are thought to be powerful artifacts from the ancient world.

Most recently Gideom lead a research expedition investigating an old Arelan fort North of Freeport in search of evidence of Linmer‘s existence and the location of ’Linmer’s Arms’.

Towards the end of this endevour the ancient fort was attacked by a powerful force of goblins and Master Gideom was killed in the battle. Luckily, a cleric had accompanied the expedition with several scrolls of raise dead in her possession and used one to bring Gideom back to the land of the living following the conclusion of the battle.


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