A Human Bounty Hunter from Shivar


Gordimar is a large burly man standing at 6’2" and 260lbm. He has short black hair and blue eyes. His face has several small scars about it, on his cheek, across his lips, and across one eyebrow. His knuckles are rough and scarred but most often covered in heavy gauntlets.

He is often seen in plain but well-crafted full plate armor with little to no ornamentation and with a large bastard sword at his side.


Gordimar is from the southern outskirts of Shivar, born to a lower middle class family. His father fought in the 30 year war as a conscript and saw the fall of his once proud nation. Gordimar took up mercenary work at a young age and has been at it ever since. He puts out a tough and uncaring exterior, but ask fellow mercenary and traveling companion Aurora and she will tell you he still sends a substantial part of his earnings back home to his mother and brother.

Gordimar loves to fight and will not be easily talked down. That being true, he is also neither stupid, fanatical, nor suicidal and not above retreating when prudence demands. “Dead men spend no gold” as he has been known to say. His favored quarry are bounties placed on convicts and runaways from rich merchants and nobles. He is well-known to several of the guards at Fort Vigilance as well as the bounty master there from whom he makes much of his coin.


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