Gordon aka Barsimick the Blade


Barsimick met up with the scholar Rufus Amillos days after Rufus’s arrival in Shivar. He gave him the name Gordon and offered to be Rufus’s guide as he trekked south in search of a ruin site under study by members of the college of Ceres. A halfling of a mere 3 feet, Barsimick did not offer many details on his background or history other than he has worked as a guide for travelers from Mareata for some time, and knows his way around the lands in the south.

During this mission with Rufus Barsimick was caught attempting to steal from his Half Elf employer, and shortly after murdering Rufus was apparently killed by the other escorts. On his person was found expensive weaponry, potions, vials of unknown liquid, magic equipment, and a signet ring. The signet ring was that of ‘The Blades’ the order of spies and assassins from Kharlin who report directly to the crown. Their prowess in combat, espionage, and assassination is known throughout Arela. It is not known if possession of the ring indicates Barsimick was a member of the deadly order or that he merely acquired the ring by some other means. Its authenticity has not yet been confirmed.

Barsimick’s remains were last seen in the wooded lands North West of Freeport, South of Shivar. The body had been left before the party recuperated for the night, and was missing by dawn of the next day. It seems to have disappeared during Polycarp’s turn for the watch.


Barsimick is a halfling who speaks with a Kharlin accent. No further information is currently known.

Gordon aka Barsimick the Blade

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