Ormal Ardem

Human Scholar from the College of Kharlin


Though bent and frail, Master Ardem intimidates his students and annoys other instructors. He’s so entrenched in the college that everyone must pass through at least one of his classes. He never gives second chances, and nitpicks every assignment.

Ardem’s skill at language and monologue, as well as his encyclopedic memory, allow him to dumbfound anyone of lesser intelligence and belittle those he considers beneath him. He sees himself a genius able to overcome any obstacle through reason.

Ardem doesn’t believe anyone should have an easy time. He constantly uses obscure school bylaws to restrict other instructors in their spending and pursuits.

Though hard-hearted, Ardem shows tenderness to keyboard instruments. His skilled fingers dance across the keys of pianos and harpsichords, producing haunting and delicate pieces. For every person attending his concerts for his music, another has come to witness this cruel man be beautiful for a moment.

Ormal Ardem is an articulate, pale, lanky human from the city of Kharlin where he is a professor of ancient arelan studies. His primary focus is on ancient Arelan military technology and warfare. He has a reputation for being ruthless and strict at the college of Kharlin and a stickler for academic protocol.

Ardem is as equally unpopular with some of the staff at the college as he is with the students, but thanks to his established credibility in his field as well as some political allies gained through his early career and military service he is well entrenched. He makes no effort to hide his aspiration to one day be head master of the College of Kharlin, and is known to openly criticize other members of the staff with the time and expertise to be credible competition for the position when it one day becomes available.

Currently Ardem has spent the past 6 months in the field studying the ruins south of Shivar and north of the town of Freeport. His exact interest in these particular ruins are not public knowledge, but it is known that his work often is supported financially by the Kharlin crown itself, and he has in his service a small squad of Kharlin soldiers for his field assignment and security. This particular research site was under study jointly with the college of Ceres until a recent attack by Goblins who recently moved into the area.

Ardem is a supporter of the belief that the college of Kharlin should be reserved for humans and Kharlin natives only.


Ardem is a native of the city of Kharlin. Son of a merchant and medico, he was raised in the upper middle class of Kharlin society. Highly intelligent and a natural talent with arcane magic saw him serving his compulsive time in the Kharlin military as a Knight Alo. His military service took him through the last year of the 30 year war. During this time he served in a company commanded by the nephew of High Lord Branthus, Galili Kharlus who was serving in the military at the time under the alias Scipio. During the end of the war it is said Ardem distinguished himself to Galili, who went on to the present day to become the supreme commander of the Kharlin military, second only to the crown itself. It is said that Ardem and Galili to this day stay in regular contact.

Ardem left military service after his compulsory term was up and attended the college of Kharlin to study magic. After his first year at the college he decided to switch his focus specifically to ancient Arelan magics, as arcane spells derived from Arelan artifacts are famously far more powerful and advanced than the more conventional spellwork. Pursuant to these studies Ardem became interested in ancient Arelan warfare and war machines, and eventually found his passion in the study of the ancient fortifications and battlefields founds throughout the continent.

In a few short years he established himself as a capable and dedicated researcher and stayed on at the college working off a royal grant for the study of ancient warfare. In this regard he made his name known by unlocking the function and purpose of an Arelan war machine who’s purpose had at that time been a mystery. He continued working in this field at the college up until present time, and is now considered the foremost expert in ancient Arelan warfare.

Ormal Ardem

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