Prima Quintas

Human Cleric of Erastil


Prima Quintas is a strong, tall (5’10"), fair skinned human female in her apparent twenties with long red hair. In actuality Prima is in her early 50’s, her apparent youthfulness a boon from the channeling of her lord’s power as she fulfills her duties as a Cleric of Erastil.


Prima was born of a wealthy, affluent family in the city of Ceres, though which one is known only by herself and her closest friends and family. She swore off her rights to her inheritance and nobility at an early age and pledged herself a priestess to the deity Erastil. Not long after joining the church of Erastil she accompanied a full priest on a blessing of some local farmland when the local farmer and the priest were set upon by a pack of wolves. Taking up the farmer’s longbow, Prima dispatched 4 of the wolves herself with 4 well placed shots, despite having never fired a bow before. The priest was severely wounded, the farmer mortally so. Not knowing what to do, Prima bent in prayer while trying to press on the farmer’s wound and keep his lifeblood from slipping out. To her great surprise the wound began to close and the farmer regained consciousness. Quickly she went to the priest and repeated the processes and healed him as well. Thus was her path as a cleric of Erastil laid out for her. The Church gifted her with a well-crafted bow, the symbol of Erastil finely stenciled upon it, and added her to the rolls of their clerics. She has since traveled for the church bringing the blessing of Erastil wherever it is deemed needed. In her travels she met a warrior of the order of Alion, whom she would eventually marry.

Prima and her husband both travel extensively for their respective orders, but maintain a home in Ceres proper.

Prima Quintas

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