Reks Christanti

General of the Shivar Army


Reks Christanti is a late middle aged human. His shaved head shows signs of male pattern baldness kept in check with the application of a razor, but his bushy grey eyebrows and the age lines on his face betrays his advanced years. Still, he stands with the confidence and strength one would expect of an experienced soldier.


Reks is a veteran of the thirty year war and has served the Shivar Guard since it’s founding with the Arelan Compromise nearly thirty years ago. He is well respected in the Guard as an experience soldier and capable leader.

Reks’ brother and nephew died during the 30 year war. His brother killed at Bloody Bay, his nephew of disease as an infant during the last Kharlin occupation.

With the recent push for Shivar Sovereignty and the return of a formal Shivar Military, Reks has been made a General of the Shivar Army and is currently tasked with the fortification and defense of the city.

Reks Christanti

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