Order Master of the Order of Alion


Rulak is a 6 foot tall late middle aged human male. He has a rough and dark tan complexion on his face with light scars on his cheeks, as one might see on some one who had a bad case of chicken pox as a child or bad acne through adolescence. Despite the dark tan on his face he has tan lines on his neck and wrists that reveal a very pale natural skin tone. His brown hair is peppered with grey and cut short in the style of the Roman Legions. His pale blue eyes are framed in smile lines and the start of signs of aging. He has a wide frame and would generally be considered a “big guy”. He is typically seen in either a plane Order tunic, or his full set of armor complete with an embroidered cloak denoting him as the Master of the Order of Alion. He is never seen without his symbol of Alion, a simple carved wood pendant secured by a thin hemp rope.


Rulak has been the Order Master of the Order of Alion for the better part of a decade. He has been a member of the order since his early twenties or late teens, and it is unclear if he has a family name as no one ever refers to him as anything but Rulak. His past before entering the order is a mystery to most since he does not often entertain questions about that part of his life.

It is rumored that Rulak had a very active early career in the Order, and that he spent a considerable amount of this time in the company of the current Head Master of the College of Ceres. He is one of the few current members of the order to have given his life in its service and returned to fight again.

Before becoming Order Master, Rulak was best known for his expedition north of the North Forts to hunt down and destroy a Lich Harisal whom the Order diviners were able to locate before he had crossed in the North and was thus shielded by the frozen waste peculiarities that interfered with the Order’s typical divine aid in destroying such creatures. Rulak, as a Paragon of the order, lead the war party which consisted of 2 other Paladins (of the Paladin Rank) and a Paragon Battle Cleric, and all their retainers. In all the party consisted of nearly 100 individuals who trekked north to destroy Harisal. Of the 4 full rank order members who went north, Rulak was the only one to survive. He returned south from the frozen waste after several months spent fighting with only his page Toradan and a gnome alchemist who was in the employ of the battle cleric. Having destroyed Harisal, Rulak became the only living order member with 4 Lich kills to his credit.

He would spend the next 10 years serving The Order in various roles, leading expeditions into the west, tracking signs of necromatic attempts by rogue arcanists, and adding one more Lich to the tally on his sword. Rulak is considered an expert in martial combat and even as Order Master regularly participates in the training of initiates and junior members.

Rulak is typically considered approachable and friendly to all the members of the Order. However, he is known for having an extreme dislike and mistrust of Orcs and half Orcs. Since he became Order Master only a single soul with Orc blood has been allowed entry into the Order, something that though often discussed among the Order is never brought up in the Order Master’s presence. The root cause of this inherent distrust and borderline hatred is not publicly known, though rumor has it the Head Master of the College of Ceres and Rulak’s previous page Toradan are aware of its roots.


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