Toradan Honorforge

Dwarven Paladin of the Order of Alion


Toradan is a stout and heavy dwarf at 4’11" and 170lbm, and has white hair and eyes and a short grey beard. He is most often seen in his half plate armor which gleams silver and is emblazoned with the symbol of Alion upon the chest and shoulder guards. He is never without his ornate warhammer which has a gold Alion crest on either side where the handle meets the head and his heavy metal shield which is engraved with golden crushed skeletons all around its perimeter, one for each undead Toradan has taken down. Around the simple spherical center piece are three black engravings of robed figures, representing the 3 Liches Toradan has helped destroy since entering the Order of Alion. Few members of the Order can rival this tally, none of whom are at equal or lower rank than Toradan himself within the Order.


Toradan was born and raised in Ceres. His father was a smith for the army of Ceres and fought and died in the 30 year war. His mother worked for the Order of Alion in logistics, and in a cruel twist of fate was on detachment with the Ceres Army during the 30 year war and also fell. Both died assuming the other alive to take care of their son Toradan.

The Order of Alion took Toradan in at the death of his parents and kept him as a ward. Attempts to train Toradan in his father’s craft proved unsuccessful, as the young Dwarf preferred to swing a hammer at an opponent as opposed to a hunk of metal. When he was of age he was made page to a Paladin, Rulak, who took him on his hunt for the Lich Harisal near the North Forts. Three Paladins and a Battle Cleric took up this quest on orders from the Order, each with their own retainers. Several months later Rulak, Toradan, and one other were the only ones to return to the order alive. Toradan had been instrumental in the destruction of the lich. Rulak, upon recognizing the potential in the Dwarf and sensing Alion’s blessing, sought the Order Master’s permission to train him as a Paladin of the Order. Toradan remained Rulak’s page for several years, until eventually taking the Test of Divinity and being named a Paladin of Alion.

Toradan has since taken up many missions for the order and, thanks to his good standing with the order’s present day Order Master, has ascended in rank and prestige. He currently holds the rank of Paragon, equivalent to a rank of 1st Tribune in the Ceres Army and is the only Paragon with the destruction of 3 liches credited to his service.

Most recently he has been assigned to provide security for a research endeavor of the College of Ceres. Many have thought it odd for one of the Order’s Paragons to be assigned such a mundane task, but it has been rumored the assignment was requested directly by Order Master Rulak as a favor to some unknown but important party.

Toradan was at the Ruins when they came under attack by goblins, and organized the defenses on the south wall. He single-handedly cleared sections of the wall of goblins who made the battlements twice.

Toradan Honorforge

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