An orange and white tabby cat found in the city infrastructure areas beneath undertown in Shivar. Close inspection reveal odd shapes in the pattern of his fur.


Not much is known by the party about the cat. He appears to exhibit above average intelligence and the construct GS343 claims to be able to communicate with and understand him. It is unclear why he is beneath the city or how long he has been there.

Through conversation with Wisker’s (both through GS343 and telepathically) it was revealed that Wiskers was the one time companion to an individual referred to only as “The Administrator” by both Wiskers and GS343. Wiskers informed GS343 and the party that during the last exodus of Ancient Shivar when The Administrator was called away to take part in the final defense of the refugees, he asked (or ordered?) Wiskers to remain with GS343 and keep him safe for as long as he is able. Since GS343 was like wise ordered to remain and ensure the function of the Shivar Docks for as long as possible, the two have remained in the Shivar infrastructure area near the Power Tap that feeds the docks ever since.

In Combat Wiskers prefers to wear two special blade attachments on his forlegs with surgically sharp half moon blades which arc from the back of his paws to the first leg joint. He also appears to possess the ability to grow several times in size for short periods when engaged in combat, presenting himself as a fearsome and large combatant.

After the party restored the function of the Shivar walls, Wiskers agreed to stay behind and consult with Eredris, a wizard in the new Shivar High Lords employ, on the function and maintenance of the city’s infrastructure.


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