Alion (pronounced A-li-an), the god of righteous valor, justice, and honor, is also known as the ‘young one’ or ‘inheritor’. Legend has it that Alion was at once a virtuous and brave mortal warrior who through pious and selfless acts and great accomplishment earned the respect and loyalty of the Archons of the outer sphere.

Alion and his followers seek to bring purity, justice and virtue to the world. Alion pursues a constant vigil against evil and the Abysmal and espouses honor and righteousness in the defense of good and the battle against evil.

The Order of Alion based in the cities of Ceres is a large organization pledged to the service of Alion, predominantly consisting of Paladins who have earned his grace. The Order of Alion is mainly focused on the persecution of necromancy and the undead of Arela with the ultimate goal of one day purifying the land as a whole. Alion seems keenly focused in this regard, as he has been known to grant extravagant boons and unprecedented assistance in the pursuit of necrotic forces, in particular Liches of Arela. Followers of the more neutral deities (and the deities themselves, from those who claim to commune with the deities directly) believe the level of his interference in the mortal plane to border on the inappropriate.

Alion’s true origins, and what he may have done to earn ascendance were he truly once mortal, have been lost to history and can only be speculated on from what little can be gleaned. Celestials and divine contacts have historically been evasive and/or not forth right on the matter.


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