Arela is the second major continent of Untopa. It is not currently known if it is larger, smaller, or of comparable size to Mareata since an complete mapping of the continent has not been accomplished.

Arela is most known in the old world for what are called the Nine Wonders Of Arela.

The Shivar Docks
The Great Causeways
The Kharlin Mines
Arelan Futility
The Arelan Curse
Arelan Steel
The Great Cities
The Dead Sea
The Wax Forests

Arela was (re)discovered by explorers from Mareata nearly 400 years ago. At first the land was thought cursed since many explorers who made landfall upon the initial discovery did not return. It was not until the discovery of Shivar harbor and the city itself that interest in the newly discovered land became rampant in the nations of Mareata. Even more interesting than the discovery of a massive city rivaling the scale of any such in Mareata was the fact that upon the city’s walls and towers (though curiously not upon any of the massive stone wharves now known as the Shivar Docks) was a frighteningly large army of the undead. Undead were and are extremely rare in the land of Mareata and never had such a large gathering of undead been recorded in known history. Soon a massive multinational Army was raised to cross the sea and lay siege to the dead. The discovery of this army lead to many more being raised and sent in the early years. It took an army of hundred of thousands to take and clear Shivar, and were it not for the discovery of the mystical properties of the Shivar Docks it may very well be that the entire invasion would have been lost. As it was, this discovery and that of the Great Causeways opened Arela’s Great Cities to colonization.

Armies spread out from Shivar along the great causeways, eventually taking the cities of Ceres and Kharlin from undead and tribes of indigenous creatures: Kobolds, Orcs, Goblinoids, and Lizard Folk being some of the most common. As well as these creatures a great many feral and violent elementals roamed the land of Arela, as well as all manner of nightmarish creatures long thought things of the ancient past, myth, or mystery in Mareata. These factors slowed expansion from Ceres and Kharlin considerably. Eventually the cities of Troy and Partha were also established as nations of their own.


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