Arelan Steel

A metal with wondrous qualities made by the ancient Arelans. Its composition and fabrication have been lost to time.

The term “Arelan Steel” is actual used to describe several different materials found at ancient ruin sites, or of which ancient relics are made that have numerous beneficial properties that can not be explained by commonly known metals or forging techniques.

Probably the most famous are the “Original Arelan Steel” weapons found at ancient ruin sites, and in large numbers in and around the city of Ceres. These weapons are typically incredibly tough, with edged weapons being able to keep a sharp blade exceptionally well. One of the most mystifying and beneficial properties of these weapons is their apparent immunity to rust and corrosion.

Original Arelan Steel weapons are always master work, have the same weight as a regular steel weapon, hardness 20 and overcoming damage reduction /Adamantine. Additionally, a piercing or slashing weapon adds +1 to its critical threat range, where as a bludgeoning weapon adds a +1(this stacks with the +1 from being Master Work) to attack has a 1.5x strength modifier to damage (2x for two handed).

Original Arelan Steel weapons cost 1.5x to enchant and can not be repaired or mended by magic. A skilled smithy who has experience working with Arelan steel can repair an Original Arelan Steel weapon, which then becomes a “Reworked” Arelan Steel Weapon.

A Reworked Arelan Steel Weapon has hardness 20, and overcomes DR/Adamantine and is always master work. A Reworked Arelan Steel Weapon loses the increased critical range or added attack and damage bonus based granted by its damage type.

Armor made from Arelan Steel has also been discovered with powerful beneficial properties.
“Original Arelan Steel” Armor is always master work, provides DR/Adamantine based on its armor type (light, medium, heavy; 1, 2, 3 respectively). In addition the AC rating for Original Arelan Steel Armor is always higher then that crafted of other mundane materials (+1 AC). Original Arelan Steel Armor cost 2x to Enchant and can not be repaired by mundane or magical means. Original Arelan Steel armor can only be re-sized by exceptionally skilled craftsmen who are experienced with the material.
Reworked Arelan Steel Armor loses the increase in AC.

Arelan steel is rumored to have other fantastic properties, with conflicting accounts causing some confusions as to what, if any, these may be.

Arelan Steel

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