Erastil (pronounced eh-RAS-til)1 is one of the oldest gods still worshiped in Untopa. His religion dates back into pre-history, and is one of several Untopa gods that can be found referenced at ancient Arelan sites. He is a god of the hunt and of farming, leading his followers by example and good deeds rather than flowery rhetoric.

Erastil is an elder deity, his worship hearkening back to the time when mankind first set about harnessing the wilderness and mastering nature. Legends claim that it was Old Deadeye himself who crafted the first bow and gifted it to humans, a gift to assist them in overcoming the challenges of the world. Even as the accomplishments of civilization mount, Erastil continues to embrace and represent the simpler pleasures life has to offer.

Erastil teaches his followers to embrace traditional and simpler ways of life, free of the constraints of modern civilization, a trait that often results in disagreements with more progressive deities such as Abadar; this difference in opinion leads to increasing conflict between these deities’ respective clergies.

Worshipers and Clergy
The faithful of Erastil can be found in nearly every wilderness community in Untopa. They usually choose to live simple lives and practice his teachings away from the complications of more advanced societies. The members of Old Deadeye’s clergy are active in their respective communities, leading by example and serving in various capacities as needed by those that live around them. The clergy’s formal dress is kept simple to reflect their deity’s tastes; a simple cloak of fur or leather, usually accompanied by Erastil’s holy symbol burned into the hide or worn as part of a wooden clasp. In Arela the supernaturally fertile farmland in and around the great cities is often attributed to the blessings of Erastil, and thus each of the great cities typically has a formal church dedicated to Old Deadeye for the purpose of blessing the life bringing lands.


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