Rovagug (pronounced ROH-vah-gug) is a deity unknown to the world until the rediscovery of Arela, and whose existence, much like Sidus, is often debated. Unlike Sidus, several temples and shrines to the god Rovagug have been discovered among the ruins of Arela, the interpretation of which gives some insight into those who once worshiped this deity.

There are claims that some native orc tribes have been discovered in Arela that still to this day worship Rovagug, but this is difficult to confirm as they are often attached to tales of one being the ‘sole survivor’ of a violent encounter with said tribes.

What is known is that in ancient times sacrifices were made to Rovagug, often while asking for some act of destruction or nefarious favor. This has lead scholars to believe Rovagug to be some sort of god of destruction, chaos, and unmaking and almost certainly evil.

There have been some claims from isolated religious scholars or would-be new age worshipers that contact has been made with entities attached to Rovagug in the abyss or lower planes, though evidence of his past or present existences is not considered conclusive by most.


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