Sidus is a figure from ancient Arelan history that little is known of to date. His symbol, a four-pointed star within an oval, has been located in only the most isolated of ruin sites, typically those that have not been breached since their apparent abandonment during the Event.

What little of Sidus is known comes from the few sites, objects and artifacts his symbol has been discovered on, and limited translation of isolated texts.

His symbol is most famously etched on the sword Light Bringer wielded by the commander of the army of Ceres, currently in the possession of High Lord Octavian of Ceres. It has been discovered on several other ancient weapons, always of Arelan Steel make.

It is believed he was at one time the focus of a cult or some sort of divine order. The lack of established temples in his name in the Arelan Great Cities has led most to believe he was a minor deity in ancient times, if he in fact was a deity at all. It is unclear what, if any, impact he had on ancient Arelan culture. The College of Ceres is the only institute in Arela still actively researching the possibility of Sidus as a legitimate deity. There are no accounts in living memory of any person ever having success in making contact with Sidus, or any planar creature or being who claimed to be of his realm. Religious scholars, clerics and priests who have sought information on Sidus find their contacts in the planes drying up, going silent, or being evasive and vague in their response.

Magical means, both Arcane and Divine, to attain information on Sidus have been unsuccessful.


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