Rise and Fall of Arela

Session 18 Recap

Continued sailing south in the moonless night. Came upon a ship in the darkness from behind, slowed down then passed them farther out to sea so not to alarm them.

Debated which heraldry and banners to use, decided to go with Adweld because that was where our manifest said the cargo was from and they dock rarely with Shivar, used Drael’s Silent Image to create illusion of mast and rigging.

Docked in the Shivar Docks, realized we had no idea how to read flag signals or semaphore. Had ballistae pointed at us until Raven flew up and explained we were new and dumb at this.

Docked at the Shivar wharf near Warehouse 42. Mild confusion when our ship didn’t have cleats, or a gangplank, or much of anything a regular ship would be expected to have. Harbormaster (contact with Gaius Cerris eventually realized who we were and proceeded to disguise ship.

Dragon needed food, someone went out to get five pounds of meat. Explained to dragon that we were in “hostile” territory and Croach was not available, seemed to accept answer. Had torn up bunk.

Went to High Temple of Abadar to get Ignomine’s Atonement. Was left cooling his heels for an hour. Artas was kicked out because his spikes were poison. Finally made contact with old high priest friend, who took him to the new Templemaster Farn, an irascible dwarf. Demanded that Ignomine find the motivations of the leader of the Merchant Guild, Quint Strain, and that of the Lord Magistrate of Shivar Chandler Thorton to receive his Atonement.

Went to gnome shopkeeper to figure out Artas’s armor poison. Did some test, took samples, tried to trick them into getting more of the poison.

Decided to try to contact Quint Strain first, because he had been out and active (as opposed to Magistrate’s secretiveness) and wanted to find Polycarp’s friend Ayda and make sure she was ok. Went to the Spiked Gauntlet, bartender hadn’t seen her for a few weeks, the Mysterious Stranger appeared and seemed pretty ticked at them For Some Reason. Ignomine followed him out and laid his cards on the table, even though he knew it would probably anger Polycarp (especially because it would annoy Polycarp, once he realized that he was the one that had assassinated Wolf) – he needed to figure out the motivations of those two people so he could atone so he could stop some nasty shit from happening. Hopefully the stranger could help them; in exchange, he could tell the new Temple Master a favorable interpretation of Quint Strain’s motivations, whatever the Free Shivar movement might like, because apparently a deal with the previous Templemaster (who had mysteriously disappeared For Some Reason) had been crucial for them.

Drael came back with his information from his intelligence network, and the party decided to meet and discuss things privately. Hotel tried to gouge them for money, Vyktor instead suggested they use his Rope Trick. They learn some stuff. As they are leaving the extradimensional space and landing in the alley, Artas is ambushed by some cutters threatening to collect on the bounty on his head. Ignomine drops out of the space, they stand back-to-back and BroCan it out. Several of them are rendered into pink mist, but one got away. Polycarp wasn’t there otherwise he would have chased the fourth down and murderkilled him. Vyktor sent Raven out to track him.

As they were processing what happened (and the bodies, for disposal) Edagener appeared. Demanded the piece of crystal or a return of their payment. Party tried to convince him to wait for a day. He did not accept this, insisted it be given immediately. Luckily he didn’t realize they had it, otherwise it was clear he would have killed them right there. His insistence on getting it immediately made the party even more suspicious. They refused. He said, “You know what, I don’t think I’ll be in town tomorrow,” while staring threateningly at Ignomine, then left the alleyway. Shortly afterward, heard a commotion.

Lots of people cursed, diseased, blinded. They gather them up and take them to the Temple of Abadar. The priests there immediately start handling things, Templemaster Farn demands to speak to the party alone. The party explains about Edagener, that this was part of the reason why Ignomine wanted to Atone, other bad news bears. Farn implies he doesn’t care much, but it’s clear Ignomine does, but regardless he cannot allow this destability to grow. Suggest the use of Quest to find the motivations and to stop Edagener, allowing a temporary atonement and return of Iggy’s abilities. Iggy agrees. Detects Farn as evil. Iggy thanks Farn, Farn says he didn’t do it for him, Iggy says he knows.

(maybe missed something here?)

They go get Polycarp at the Spiked Gauntlet, Revenant attacks them, Ignomine lays the smackdown on a few Dullhands and the Revenant, the entire bar full of people die when the Revenant is slain, Iggy collapses in despair.


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