Rise and Fall of Arela

Session 28 Recap

"I said I'm not dead yet"

In the midst of the battle in the hallway, Vyktor healed Artas enough for him to regain consciousness. As he did so, the Cacodaemon that appeared when he was shot disappeared. He also de-gassified Ignomine, who tried to heal his staggered condition with a Lay on Hands, but to no effect. Otherwise useless for battle without equipment, without spells, and crippled by whatever was afflicting him, Ignomine picked up Vyktor’s mother.

Meanwhile, a Hawk familiar that had been snooping around invisibly during the battle and delivering a Touch of Idiocy to Vyktor was Glitterdusted, which allowed Polycarp to unload a fullisade that took the raptor out. Far in the distance (from the direction of the fireballs) the party heard a scream of rage and pain with its death. Polycarp once again mentioned chicken wings.

With Artas awake, he managed to struggle to his feet and then unleash a wave of destruction on the Terracotta Soldiers, smashing them to bits. One of them started glowing and vibrating alarmingly, which was Artas’ cue to bail – good thing too, because the explosion took out the other damaged soldiers.

The Wall of Stone that Drael threw up to block the hallway was successful in delaying the cavalry, enough that those with spellcraft heard the use of a Disintegrate spell to bore a hole through it – and then a curse as they ran into a second Wall of Stone blocking their passage.

Vyktor continued to delay many of the soldiers with a zone of Black Tentacles, forcing the spellcasters to waste more spells dispelling them and struggling in the attempt. Raven dropped a layer of Grease, and three more stone walls blocked the second hallway. A summoned Azata Bralani archer harried the casters, shooting them to interrupt their spells and waste more resources that would otherwise be used to hurt the party. Inside the room also stood a massive construct, not unlike the one that they had found below the cottage some time ago. It looked recently repaired.

The three casters in the large room, two of whom carried sticks of some kind and one with a pouch and white robe, then vanished. The Bralani pursued them via their presumed escape route down the stairs, but triggered a trap, then disappeared through an antimagic field. Artas followed to see what happened and barely dodges the trap. As he came back a secret panel in the stairwell opened, allowing a black-robed person to attack Artas… but poisoning himself on the armor’s spikes in the process. The attack staggered Artas, but his counterattack rejuvenated him, allowing to follow up with an even more devastating blow. The black robe falls and tries to counter, only to be finished off with one final strike by Artas.

This entire time allowed Ignomine, struggling from weakness and carrying Vyktor’s mother, to shuffle across the room. Informed by Artas of what lay ahead, he turns back to help the others, and slowly shuffled his way back.

Polycarp meanwhile was hurriedly unlocking doors hoping to find gear to help in their escape or else restore the party to some semblance of competence; instead, he found a room full of those greenish zombies chained to the walls and tables full of notes and various devices. He looted the notes and metal bits, but gets cursed in the process.

Back in the hallway, Raven’s Grease spell proved prophetic as some Rock elementals merge their way through the wall but slip and fall before they can attack the party. Another of the walls explodes after several fireball blasts to reveal a group of human soldiers. At the far end of the large room, the large hangar doors that everyone managed to miss opened up to reveal a zombie troll with metallic plates welded onto its body, a hammer for a left arm, and a strange pipe-like device for its right arm.

Ignomine, sensing an opponent he might actually have a chance against, declared his smite and began to shuffle towards the undead troll. Vyktor then shut him within a Resilient Sphere, leaving a disappointed by relieved half-orc. Unfortunately, a battle mage made his way through the same secret panel that the black robe had used, allowing him to attack Vyktor with a fireball. Polycarp exacted his revenge with another devastating volley of arrows, taking him out in a single round. Ignomine began shuffling back to the group.

Back in the hallway with the slippery earth elementals, Drael tosses them hither and yon with an Aqueous Orb, making the world’s worst dirt-flavored salad dressing. He also summons a Stone Call, pelting the soldiers with rocks and making their motion slowed and laborious… but also unfortunately releasing one of the chained undead.

Then a voice came echoing through the hallways, booming through magically enhanced means. “I am ”/wikis/Adhac%20Yaman/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Adhac Yaman, leader of this facility, and you will be taken alive." The walls began rumbling, and apparently some device countermeasures were in the process of being activated. The soldiers had also made a quick retreat, leaving them alone.

Polycarp made a hasty investigation of the zombie room, revealing that it too lead to an anti-magic field. Vyktor meanwhile looted the copious pile of notes of the massive construct in the main room and inscribe an invisible Arcane Mark in a hidden location in the hopes of tracking it at some point in the future. Drael and Vyktor cast Haste and Bull’s Strength on Ignomine, at least allowing them to all flee down the stairwell just as the countermeasures were about to fire.

They rushed through the antimagic field, though Artas curiously had to force his way through as if something was repelling his progress. On the other side the party saw a tunnel looking like it lead to another one of the underground Great Causeways, this one with more of those shambling green corpses and what appeared to be (currently) quiescent Vord.

The question now was, how were they going to get out of this new debacle?


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