Alduin Halfar

Founder of Fragnick


Alduin Halfar is tall bronze skinned and white haired Elf from the sub-continent of Adweld and the founder of the settlement of Fragnick.


Not much is known of the elf’s past other than he was part of the elven army from Adweld which invaded Arela more than 100 years ago. When the elven invasion was defeated some elves stayed in Arela to make a life for themselves rather than return home in defeat. Alduin Halfar founded the settlement of Fragnick along with other social outcasts. Unlike most Arelan settlements, Fragnick is not built upon any ancient ruin or former Arelan structure but was instead built up from nothing as a place out of the way for those seeking peace and civility.

Alduin has remained in Fragnick since its founding and serves as its unofficial leader. A man of few words, he is willing to give anyone a chance to prove themselves regardless of their appearance, background or upbringing and has a reputation for being stern yet fair and just. Alduin never married and has no known family.

Update: The 6th Mountain Archers
Alduin commanded the 6th Elven Mounted Archers during the elven invasion of Arela. Known as the ‘Storm Arrows of Adweld’, the 6th MA was a military arm of the Elven Nation going as far back as its founding on Adweld some four thousand years ago. They had a rich history of military exploits and were considered an elite and deadly force. However, during the last year of the Elven Invasion the 6th MA was all but completely destroyed near the mountain pass between Troy and the Dead Sea. The local Troy commander received word from scouts that the 6th MA was operating in the mountains for weeks and posted observation posts to keep tabs on when or if they decedent to the main East-West road towards Troy. When word reached the Trojan commander that the 6th MA was on the move down the mountains he feared they may intend to set out towards troy and engage in commerce raiding or link up with other forces and initiate a siege of the city itself. As such the Troy forces tasked with securing the mountain pass engaged in an ambitious and highly dangerous maneuver. Pulling all local forces towards the mouth of the mountain pass the local Troy commander intended to set what would become the largest ambush of the war. Over 1000 Trojan soldiers, augmented by 3000 local conscripts and militia set a static ambush at the base of the mountain on terrain where the Elven Archers would have the least mobility. Expecting the deadly Elven Archers to be at their peek and ready for a fight, the Trojan commander commandeered all sponsored castors within range of his riders to augment his forces and open the ambush with magical strikes, rock slides, explosions, and whatever else could be brought bear. Meanwhile the militias were tasked with keeping the ambush sight protected from the undead and other Bane beasts. When the 6th MA finally arrived at the mountain pass it became apparent from observers that they were exhausted, under strength, and carrying a large amount of wounded.

Regardless, the ambush was initiated. There was a marked absents of significant counter-casting from the 6th MA and they were quickly overwhelmed. The Trojan ambushers, expecting to be slightly out-numbered when not counting the militia, found themselves in an evenly matched battle and enjoying the advantage of supporting troops, casters, and advantageous position. The “Battle of the Pass”, as it was later called, was quick and deadly. Though the Trojans lost more than a tenth of their numbers, the 6th MA was completely destroyed. Only a handful of survivors were able to escape the battle. The wounded and captured were interned by the Trojan army until eventually allowed to return to Adweld as part of the Elven withdrawal.

Alduin Halfar

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