Avandth Wolf

The Butcher of the Bay


A man of medium height and plain features, at first glance there is absolutely nothing memorable about Avandth’s appearance. That is until you catch the constant intensity in his eyes. Calm, calculating, and confident, the eyes give General Wolf away as a truly dangerous man.


Avandth Wolf was an up and coming Kharlin officer at the tail end of the 30 year war. He lead the final occupation of Shivar by the Kharlin army, where he earned the nick name “The Butcher of the Bay” for his forceful, decisive and deadly handling of dissent from the Shivar dock workers. Brutally breaking a riot and work stoppage by ordering 1 in 10 put to death, to be carried out by their fellow Dock Workers. It is said that though the Kharlin Blades killed Shivar’s nobility, The Wolf killed her spirit.

Despite losing the city to Ceres, Avandth was rewarded at home for his skilled leadership and management of the occupied city, and now serves the Kharlin royal family as a Baron and military advisory.

Some of the remaining influential families in Shivar called for Wolf to be treated as a war criminal as part of the Compromise, a demand that ultimately was not realized.

Avandth Wolf

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