Level 5 Half Elf Sorcerer, Chaotic Neutral, Deity Calistra


Drael grew up with his mother in Mareala on the streets never knowing his brother Aramil or father. She left while pregnant with Drael. She was murdered when Drael was young and he had a difficult upbringing. For a time he was a rogue as it was the only thing he could do to survive and did not believe in gods for how could they have let this happen. After meeting up with his group 2 things started to change his life. He always had an affinity for magic and started studying books and scrolls. The second was in his conversations with Vyktor he had found a Deity that he could pray to. Soon his life would change as he discovered his innate magical abilities and found he could cast spells w/o the help of books, but rather he had the power inside. A power he believes was given to him by Calistria and that Calistria gave his life purpose to Avenge his mothers death.



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