Mysterious man on the road


Edagener is a (presumably) thousands year old Lich Anti-Paladin of Rovagug.

The party met Edagener on the road between Shivar and Freeport as he inspected the corpses from a recent encounter between Goblin raiders and a trade caravan. He stands at 6’2" tall, but his build was not apparent underneath is lose fitting clothing and traveling cloak. He wore no apparent armor but was obviously armed, with a sword sheathed at his side, a bow, and some sort of bladed staff strung along his back. He didn’t appear particularly concerned about the violence about him, and did not visibly react to an assault by Polycarp. He mentioned working for someone, investigating the happenings south of Shivar and the extent and motivation of the influx of Goblins.


Edagener has been revealed to be working directly for Etzio, both of whom are apparent followers of Rovagug. Still little is known about his background, though it is clear he has martial prowess and access to dark powers. Though the party was able to defeat him alone, it was revealed that he is in fact a Lich, and will eventually return to full power.


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