Half-orc paragon of Civilization


Ignomine is tall and burly, and typically extremely well-armed and armored. His equipment is of excellent make, mostly being of masterwork quality, and seems part of a coordinated set. He has a genial face and black hair close-cropped to be suitable for wearing a helm. Two small tusks protruding from his lower jaw and his gray-green complexion reveal his half-orc heritage, but his impeccable manners and clear speech belie his seemingly bestial origins.

He is friendly and accommodating towards most, even those with whom he disagrees, and would much rather resolve things peacefully than resort to combat. Despite this he is a capable warrior and does not hesitate to kill if given no choice. Given his own background and appearance he is slow to judge others and willing to give them a chance to prove themselves. He is drawn to misfits, the displaced, and the unfortunates of the world, and strives to use his prowess to help them. His fondest wish is to give everyone a place in society where they will be welcome, useful, and happy.

He has been downcast as of late, largely due to his failure to promote the principles of Guest Rite resulting in his Fall, his involvement in the release of Rovagug, recently learning that his companion Polycarp was responsible for the assassination of Avandth Wolf and destabilizing the situation in Shivar, and the death of the entire clientele of the Spiked Gauntlet after striking down Wolf’s Revenant.


Ignomine is from the village of Fragnick, which is an ancient Elven word for “Forgotten Realm”. The village is situated in a hilly and humid area to the south-west of Freeport. The village is well secluded. To one side is a sheer cliff drop-off that descends into one of the mysterious ‘wax forests’ of Arela, a place where people do not venture. To its south is a thick marsh swampland, and on all other sides are thick and untamed tropical forest. The place is a town of outcasts, founded by Alduin Halfar, a male elf. The village is largely composed of half-orcs, kobolds, and even a few hobgoblins. All agree to live together in a cooperative society and those who cannot are outcast. Everyone must undergo a trial to prove they can be a productive member of society, and at some point are required to go on a pilgrimage to bring back something of value or use to Fragnick. This does not have to be something of material value, and often times takes the form of ‘good will’ by the pilgrim accomplishing some act of good will in the villages name.

Ignomine has been a devoted follower of Abadar and has been blessed with his grace as he attempts to embody all Fragnick stands for. He ventured out from Fragnick searching for a Ruin site to the North near Freeport where he had heard a scholar by the name of Ignus Derwin was studying ancient Orcish society in Arela and had perhaps stumbled on some evidence that Orcs in ancient times were far more cultured and worked alongside the other humanoids of Arelan culture. The journey to the ruin site was dangerous, Ignomine encountered wild undead and beastly creatures many times, but made it largely intact. To his remorse he discovered Ignus had left the site weeks before, taking with him the exhumed bodies and archaeological artifacts he had discovered back to the college of Ceres for further study. From what he has heard from the other scholars at the site the significance of Ignus’s find was grossly overstated by the traveler who first spoke of it in Fragnick, and it appears more likely that the orcish bodies and artifacts were of individuals who took up residence at the Ruin site after the fall of Arelan society. This has left Ignomine unsure of what he should do or where he should go now.


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