Lord Chandler Thorton

Magistrate of Shivar


Chandler Thorton is a noble lord from the city of Shivar, made Magistrate by the representatives of the Great Cities as part of the ongoing Shivar Compromise.

Chandler was born of the noble Shivar family Thorton, wealthy shipbuilders. Thorton spent most of his early adult life away from Shivar, attending both the College of Ceres and the College of Kharlin before traveling to Troy to start his own shipwright. He was recognized by the high lord of Troy for having turned about an ill-producing shipbuilding venture into a lean-running, profitable enterprise. Though the Troy royalty took over his ship building facilities, we was compensated handsomely and left on good terms.

Following that he went to Partha where he took part in a Western expedition to find the rumored great city of Atticus. He was gone for nearly 3 years, and though his expedition failed to find the great city, it did return with a wealth of Ancient Artifacts, and opened diplomatic contact with a well established society of Giant Eagles which Partha was able to mold into several simple trade and diplomatic arrangements.

He was preparing another expedition when he was nominated for, and accepted, the position of Magistrate of Shivar. After a rocky transition period he has been able to win over the trust and allegiance of the Shivar Guard captains, and has proven a competent leader.

Thorton has uncharacteristically stepped down as the Magistrate of Shivar, and capitulated all his authority to Quint Strain who now claims the Throne of a Sovereign Shivar.


Lord Chandler Thorton

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