Rise and Fall of Arela

Session 37 recap

Vyktor and Ignomine approached the diminutive figures, revealing them to be kobold children. When Vyktor asked them what they were doing, they said they were looking for their parents, or for food. Ignomine offered them a meal from the ever-filling spoon, then woke the others to explain the situation and start searching the bodies.

Ignomine felt it was his duty to protect the children, especially knowing the dangers that were in the jungle and the trauma they had just faced, and suggested they take the kids to Fragnick where they’d be safe. The koboldkin were skeptical, and the rest of the party felt irritated at another distraction from the calamity they were facing. They argued a bunch, wasted a bunch of time, and finally compromised to drop the children off in Shivar in Drael’s hotel and explain that they would be back for them in one week.

That decided, Godfrey was able to pick up tracks of a big construct moving south. The trail suddenly ended however, and after more investigation the group was able to conclude the group teleported. With no more leads to follow, the group teleported back (near to) the boat. Vyktor, Drael, and Polycarp teleported on to Kharlin, while the rest flew the ship to Shivar.

The journey was not to be an easy one, for along the way they were ambushed by skeletal dragons. Godfrey was first to spot them, but could do little but cast Barkskin on himself and call out suggestions for killing the beasts. Raven, seeing no hope against surviving the beasts’ attacks, cast Greater Invisibility on herself and opened her fairy wings to parachute into the slipstream, hoping to catch up to the group later. Ignomine, now all along against three dragons on the poop deck, decided to pull out all the stops and summoned his Angelic Aspect, then made a smite attack against the first dragon and obliterating it in the first shot. The remaining two near him tore into him with a fury, but the aegis of his deity protected him from all but two attacks.

The two other dragons on the main deck went to attack Artas Menethar and Godfrey, while our Vord Bronze Dragon charged up to join the fray. Artas successfully dominated one of the undead creatured, and seeing Godfrey’s predicament urged him to jump off the ship. After a moment’s hesitation (and seeing that his leader had wings now) he decided to jump. Ignomine in the meantime charged another of the dragons and smashed half of it to pieces. Artas ordered his dragon to go and catch the plummeting ranger.

Unfortunately for Godfrey, the first dragon to chase after him was not Artas’. His relief at being caught turned to fear as a second dragon started attacking, and then gibbering terror as he realized he was in the arms of the wrong (hostile) one. The living dragon became overwhelmed after flanking to attack and collapses from his multiple injuries. Artas smashed the not-good dead dragon, while Ignomine smashed the second skeletal wyrm to bits. The last dragon, seeing its odds go spectacularly bad in short order, dropped Godfrey turned invisible and presumably fled. Artas’ new addition caught him and the party then regrouped on the deck, where Ignomine healed the Vord dragon and the rest of the group.

Meanwhile, in Kharlin, Polycarp in his typical fashion noticed a noble being escorted in the street and stole his golden jeweled dagger. He was noticed, ran away to Drael’s inn, and brilliantly led them to their hideout in the city. “Art Vandelay” and three patrons to his establishment pointed the seven (!!!) pursuing guards in the direction that Polycarp had fled. Vandelay also swore that he would increase security after this unbelievable breach of riffraff in his establishment, but the delay was enough to get Polycarp to the rendezvous without being further pursued. From there the group teleported to shivar, where they meet up with the ship sailing into the docks. A worker there approaches them and instructs them to contact Gaius Cerris. Using the coin they discuss the events surrounding the Super Weapon, Kharlin and its armies, and other intelligence. Just as they are ending the call the image shows some kind of interference, and the combination of powerful magical auras and a barely-heard name reveals that his next audience is with none other than Edagener.

Fearing the second most powerful person in one of the two most powerful cities on the continent might have been compromised, the party decided to set out immediately for Ceres. Using GS343’s help, they attach the yellow crystal and reveal it to be an invisibility cloak, with additional power going somewhere. Taking advantage of their new ability they race over the Great Causeway to Ceres. Just outside the city they turn off their stealth and fly into the keep and request an audience. Instead they are reintroduced to Lorewell Frawk.

In desperation and fearing it might be too late, they tell him as much as they can and their fears for Gaius. He tells them that only Octavian Septum Cirrus himself can disturb Gaius, so the party urges him to notify the regent. They explain to him all about Edagener and the Kharlin Blades, and in annoyance he dismisses his guards, chiding them on revealing state secrets. He then leads them through the labyrinth of the Ceres Keep, past plain stone walls and metal doors. They finally discover a cantankerous Gaius in a simple tunic in a simple room, almost like a prison cell.


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