Rise and Fall of Arela

Session Recap
Another Big Fight: Death Metal Snow Globe Edition

Below is an outline of a session recap.

- Lots and lots of encounter prep. Artas and Iggy turn into Inflatable Tube Men.
- Drael summons the Screaming Eagles which immediately get Fingered to Death while the Caller in Darkness scares the pants off 2 others.
- Artas and Iggy hang out.
- Mummies and Ghouls appear.
- Vyktor casts BLACK TENTACLES followed by Eredris’ Fireball. Everything dies.
- Polycarp sneaks into a building and finds some Mummies. Mummies also find him.
- Artas and Iggy hang out some more.
- Drael initiates “Operation Disco Pete”. Eredris follows suit.
- The Daemon flies into the air and curses the mortals.
- The Caller in Darkness begins swallowing Archons. One is reduced to blithering stupidity.
- Artas gets bored and steps out to taunt the Daemon. It is pants-shittingly effective. Luckily Vyktor is protecting them from….everything.
- Wraiths walk right past Polycarp and don’t notice him. The Mummies, however, give Polycarp a hug and he begins to rot (not that you’d notice).
- Raven comes to Polycarp’s rescue, turning him invisible.
- Polycarp buggers out through the back door.
- Skeleton Archers “hut-hut-hut” their way out onto a ledge a the far end of the room.
- Drael says “Hey guys, what about Aqueous Orb?” The rest of the party rolls their eyes. The skeletons roll in the ball of water. Drael proceeds to create the most metal snow globe ever.
- Whiskers enter the fray and starts attacking the ghouls. Stock in Blend-Tech™ goes down.
- The ghouls and mummies begin running past Whiskers. Mummy and Ghoul bits stop running past whiskers.
- Artas and Iggy are being mostly ineffective against the Daemon. Iggy because of the daemon’s displacement and Artas because he just sucks at hitting things.
- Vyktor curses the tits off The Caller in Darkness who spends the next 3 rounds with its thumb up its butt.
- Polycarp begins rummaging through the rubble with Raven looking for the thing.
- The Caller in Darkness breaks through the curse and charges Vyktor who becomes grappled.
- Eredris readies his action to activate Anti-Magic Field if Vyktor can get free.
- Vyktor, via some magical bait and switch, slips out of the clutches of the Caller of Darkness. Eredris pops his Anti-Magic Field and the Caller in Darkness is squashed into the Incorporeal plane.
- The party begins unloading on the Daemon and it goes down in short order, but not before targeting Eredris, who succumbs and whose healing is complicated by the Anti-Magic field
- The party cheeses the fight with the Caller in Darkness by playing Eredris shuffle-board
- The rest of the room is ransacked, except for a few of the closed-off buildings that smell bad
- The party returns to the not-robot and they proceed to power junction. What’s your function?
- The not-robot tells the party that they have 3 minutes to decide how to redistribute power to the walls, and that whatever they choose there is a chance that the walls and any thing they draw power from could be unpowered completely.
- The Party decides to draw power from the docks.
- With bated breath and clenched assholes the party watched Vyktor and Eredris fiddle with the magical components.
- To the party’s great relief Vyktor managed to not blow everyone/everything up and saved the day. Both the Walls and the Docks continue to function.

Session 23 Recap
The Best Laid Plans...

We rejoined our stout party sitting outside a shattered section of ancient causeway as they dithered over how to avoid painful death. All manner of schemes, plots, and machinations were considered, rejected, reconsidered, ejected, unconsidered, abjected, re-reconsidered, until finally the party was tired and decided to have Dreal drop a bunch of rocks on the skeletons and then go to bed.

Artas, being the ever helpful party member but lacking the senses to be useful, told the group to wake him up if anything tried to kill them. Polycarp, while often less helpful but always more perceptive, stood watch. Not long into the night a number of ghoul wolves, responding the racket of a small avalanche in the causeway found their way into the party’s camp. Not having slept a full night, Ignomine was more than happy to unload the remainder of his holy power onto these poor wolves, who clearly had no idea with whom they were fucking. Polycarp turned the wolves into veritabe pin cushions, while Ignomine landed bowel shaking critical hits rendering at least one wolf into a fine powder. Luckily, for the party Artas was able to shake himself awake and lumber into battle just in time for some kill-stealing douchebaggery. And with that the party returned to slumber.

The next morning, the party continued to hone their plan to razor sharp precision. Everyone had a role to play and everyone knew their role inside and out. The party had considered every outcome and developed contingencies for eventuality. They were ready and stepped confidently into the corridor.

…And everything went to shit. Ignomine and Artas clanged and rattled their way through the rubble alerting every unliving thing of their presence. Ignomine was immediately greeted with the pitter-patter of arrows as they bounced off his armor. Drael, with a strong desire not to get shot with arrows, asked Vyktor if he had Fireball prepared. Vyktor scoffed and then chuckled in that way that only Wizards about to cast fireball can chuckled at which point a dozen or so skeletons disappeared in a blaze of fire and light.

Artas and Ignomine began trudging their way up through the causeway until they were accosted the creepiest collection of junk either had ever seen. Was it carrying a doll? Is there an undead orphanage down here? Unfortunately, Ignomine could not answer that question as the creature quickly sucked the breath right out of him. The two mountains of muscles and metal commenced frantically beating the ever loving snot out of this scary child monster.

Spying two other creepy child monsters, Artas and Ignomine split up to help dispatch them. Artas and Polycarp pushed forward only to be met with a veritable horde of horrors. Five more ghoul wolves and two Minotaur wandered into the fight and there were sounds of heavy armor and air support coming as well.

Honestly, I don’t remember what happened to the Minotaur. I think there was a bathroom break and then when I came back the Minotaur were gone. I assume Polycarp brought the pain like he always does. I think at least one of them survived into the Graveknight fight, but I don’t recall.

Now up to this point, Drael had been invisible and spider-climbing his way along the ceiling summoning various things to aide in combat. Trying to be clever, Drael whips up an invisible air mephit with the hopes of sending it down to pick up their bauble so that they can bugger out. The one flaw in this plan was that whatever creature(s) that were farther down the hall seemed to see right through the invisibility and made short work of the mephit.

At this point, the heavy armor arrives in the form of two Graveknights. Well apparently, one of Draels Lantern Archons slept with the Graveknights sisters or something as he immediately blasted it with unholy acidic power. The other Graveknight, in classic “come at me bro” fashion, unloaded on Artas cleaving dozens of hit points from him. Artas looked down at his bleeding wounds with a “Tis but a scratch,” but deep down he knows that he’s in trouble.

Ignomine quickly took up arms against the first Graveknight, bringing more of his patented holy wrath, but the Graveknight had his number and quickly reduced his hp to sphincter frighteningly low values. Overcoming his BFG Anxiety, Artas unloads his Grasp of the Dead on the Graveknights, wolves, and straggling Minotaurs, in the hopes that he might cull the herd and turn things back in their favor. At this point, things are getting a little scary.

And thats when the Vord Knights show up. At this point Vyktor is done fucking around, no longer content to just throw out massive heal bombs, he whips out his massive black tentacles on the sorry SOBs. While their enemies are held by the Tentacles and the Skeletal Arm, Artas and Ignomineuse the distraction as to do a little self healing. Unfortunately, one of the Vord Knights is still running amok and starts charging the two guys with bows, who have been having a rough time penetrating the tough exterior of these armored foes. Polycarp and Godfrey made a speedy retreat, with Polycarp hoping to gain a sneaky advantage behind a conveniently placed pillar.

With nothing in front of him, one of the Vord Knights turns around to find another Void Knight struggling against a Graveknight. The Vord Knight happily renders aide to his embattled comrade. Artas watches in stunned silence as his two enemies pound on each other. Apparently, the Vord think that Artas is also a Vord, how convenient. Artas tries to back away slowly and let Polycarp plink the Vord in the back with Arrows.

I’m a little fuzzy as to what happened after this, mostly because I wasn’t there, but I can only assume that Artas struck the final mighty blow and the Vord Knight exploded pinata fashion and rained copious loot upon the party. To save the GM the hassle I will use my best judgment to decide the appropriate loot that Artas received.

Session 22 Recap
Understated Undercity Underdoings

The following is a faithful retelling of the events in the Undercity below Shivar. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. The events have been mis-remembered to protect the guilty.

Quint Strain’s daughter tells the party that the Shivars walls used to be magic, but they broke for some unknown reason. Its believed that the answer to the failure can be found in the Undercity but that no expedition has ever survived going down there. He is meeting with some representatives of Kharlin and Ceres in 3 days to decide the fate of the city. He plans to tell them to bugger off but can’t do that if the wall are shitty. So he tells the party to head on down to the undercity to figure out whats up with the walls. He lends his mage friend Eredris to the group for moral and magical support.

The party was lead to a hole in the ground below the city. The hole was deep, very deep, so naturally the party took a very cautious approach. Ropes were procured and measured while an order of operations was negotiated. As discussions continued Eredris mentioned that he would be float…wait…did Polycap just jump down the hole? Yes, yes that’s exactly what just happened.

Luckily, Polycarp was able to float himself safely to the bottom of the hole. Unluckily, Polycarp was not alone at the bottom of the hole. Electric shocks seemed to jump out of the darkness and slowly chipped away at the health of the noseless man. Being a quick minded individual, Polycarp lit himself a torch to see what was attacking him. Annnd, there was nothing to be seen, but the shocks still came fast and hot. Again, being a quick minded rational actor, Polycarp ran around the room aimless hoping to escape his invisible tormentors.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party was frantically climbing down the rope with the manic screams of Polycarp echoing around them. Eventually, Polycarp managed to make it back to the rope and attempted to climb away from the creatures. Polycarp coming up and the party coming down along with the now visible Wisps resulted in a bit of a vertical traffic jam. Ignomine made the dramatic decision to extricate himself via a knee shattering Superhero landing, which turned out to be unnecessary once everyone remembered that Eredris’ feather fall could have been cast on the entire party. In the end, the wisps were destroyed and Polycarp was returned to health.

The party then set themselves to the task of wandering the undercity in hopes of finding their goal, so they picked a door at random and wound their way through its narrow corridors. It didn’t take long for that search to be interrupted by two rather large rock chewing creatures that Kool-aide manned their way through the walls. Again the party’s expert planning paid off as the creatures completely ignored the carefully arranged marching order and struck right for the soft innards of the party via the soft innards of Drael. Ignomine, lacking the ability to smite these creatures, hacked like an impotent lumberjack while Polycarp peppered the creature with arrows with marginally better effect. Artas managed to distract the remaining creature from mauling Drael long enough for the various magic users to obliterate it with magic missiles. Undettered by the Cronenbergian horror of the Zorn, the party marched on.

Until they hit a dead end. But there was loot there, so thats cool. I don’t recall what loot exactly, but there was definitely loot on a dead guy. Anyway, the party moved on.

After a bit of back tracking, the party stumbled into a room and were immediately set upon by another set of Xorn. This pair, however, was craftier…Well, at least one of them was. One of them stood in the doorway and got his mouthhole stomped in, while the other one Zoidberged his ass out via chewing into the wall. The party continued with their adventuring.

Somewhere in here, there was a room with a small 1ftx1ft hole near the ceiling. The party spent some time investigating it but found nothing.

And then the fucking spiders. A whole flipping room of spiders along with some weird spider queen. Vyktor walked into the room and promptly said “NOPENOPEBLACKTENTACLES!” Artas followed close behind with “OHSHITOHSHIT!SKELTONARMS”, followed closely with “dafuq did I just do?”. Needless to say the rest of the fight did not last long as the rest of the party mopped up the stragglers. Loot was collected from the creepy queen spider lady, and the party moved on.

Again choosing a door at random, the party soldiered on with their intrepid rogue leading the way checking for tra…..and the roof is trying to smash him…ninja juke out of the ro….and the floor dropping him into pit….double ninja juke over the hole. The rest of the party, on the other side of all of the traps found themselves at a loss for how to disarm them. Luckily Artas provided clear thinking and deep insight and ripped the whole damn door off. Problem solved.

By this time the party was getting kind of ancy. They chaffed at not having a clear direction and they almost missed the corpse stuffed in a cabinet in the next room of an empty room they were strolling through. Vyktor pulled the corpse from the cabinet and found a map of the dungeon. The guy was clearly a member of a previous expedition that was less than successful, but the notes on his map gave some good direction on where not to go. Also, there were a bunch of weird notes about cats.

With the Map in hand, the party avoided the rooms labeled “GIANT WORMS”, and eventually accosted several ghouls. I think? While dispatching the ghouls the party noticed something peeping out of another weird hole near the ceiling.

Some more hallway later and the party find itself another hole. Always wanting to learn from past mistakes, they send Polycarp down first. Fortunately, Polycarp is invisible this time. At the bottom of the hole, Polycarp finds that its much nicer down there then the shit hole up above. Also, there is a weird ass metal thing with a bunch of arms floating around looking at the wall. After considering Polycarps expert rendering, the party decides that the multi-armed penis looking robot is no threat and they make their way down the hole.

In no time at all, the party finds itself locked in a room full of shelves (of crystals? I don’t remember). From the other side of the door, the robot which had vanished earlier addresses the group saying that it will only speak with or help a citizen of the Imperia. Either Drael or Polycarp (or both) attempt to bluff their way out with little concern toward the consequences. In a brief moment of clarity Artas mentions that he is or was a Knight of Sidus. The robot thing responded immediately by offering to his assistance. Unfortunately, he was unable to leave his current area unless given orders by a superior, and unfortunately he couldn’t confirm that Artas was his superior without the proper module, and unfortunately that module was lost to all but the cat (oh Bee Tee Dubs, the cat showed up), and unfortunately the cat won’t help find the module unless we help him get his blades back from a terrible awful no good very bad place. So you know, typical fetch quest chain.

The party then travelled for a few hours with the cat to collapsed “under-causeway” similar to the one found beneath that damn cottage. The only difference was that this one was a hell of a log longer and a hell of a lot more full of creepy bad stuff. An initial investigation using Vyktors newly spawned familiar/sister reveals that the blades are located 3/4 of the way down the causeway. The party begins planning its assault.

Wisp Wrasslin’ – Polycarp jumps down a hole and almost almost dies from invisible wisps in the dark.

Xorn Fight – Drael almost dies

Dead End – Some loot here?

Spider Fight: Black Tentacles + Grasp of Death is awesome.

Trap Room + another trap at the exit: Artas breaks the door off. plus there’s a cat (but we don’t know that)

Find dead guy stuffed in cabinet. Dead guy has map. The map has some bad things written on it. Worms?

Team back tracks finds another hole.

Polycarp investigates, finds a scary robot.

Team jumps down the hole gets locked in a room with crystals.

Robot refuses to let us out unless we prove we are citizens of the Imperia. Artas states that he is a Knight of Sidus, robot lets them out.

Robot agrees to help but needs a module but can’t get the module. Need the cats help but the cat won’t help unless we get his blades back.

Cat takes us to an old causeway that is infested with all manner of bad things.

The Team plans to fight.

Session 21 Recap
First Time for Everything

Quint Strain’s elf “consultant” Eredris came to the pier to investigate the crate containing Aramil’s corpse.

He apparently tries to teleport onto boat, but misses. He asks for crate to be removed from the extradimensional space, then asks to have it moved off the boat. After performing some ritual and donning a pair of spectacles, he shows a path the crate took.

The group get Polycarp and Eredris to follow the trail invisibly. It winds around the city, jumping off and onto the different causeways until finally wending behind the Temple of Alion and its cemetery. The path leads to a large monument on a slab before disappearing underneath it. Polycarp tells Eredris that the trail ends here and to be free to return to his boss with the news, who promptly takes the offer and teleports away. Polycarp then sets up to have a stakeout, without results.

Polycarp returned to the ship, informing Vyktor about his discovery and waking up Artas Menethar to tell him he found nothing. After that he had a conversation with the dragon, learning that water elementals have been trying to drown people and had tried to drown him.

The next day was the day of the announcement. The party decided to split up to approach the event separately to avoid detection. Polycarp and Drael made their way to the bank as part of their plan. They saw the lackluster guard put in place as part of Quint’s plan and began making their way to the roof. On the fourth floor Polycarp noticed a wet spot on the floor, which further investigation revealed to be blood. Picking the lock revealed a storage closet containing a stripped body. They locked the door again, and sent an arrow to the members on the balcony.

Meanwhile, Ignomine and Vyktor met at the base of the Merchant’s Guild tower, heavily fortified with their own security and Shivar Guard. They met Alexandra, who despite her unpretentious appearance was clearly commanding respect from those around. Alexandra instructed Ignomine to stand on Snugga’s, leader of the Skullcrushers, left impersonating her Third. Vyktor was to be standing near Quint, appearing as one of his magical advisors. Ignomine provided Quint one of his bracelets as a means of providing healing, to which Quint acquiesced with a roll of his eyes. Snugga, meanwhile, yanked Ignomine to the side and made it clear that he was to do exactly what she said while he was supposed to be in her employ.

Polycarp, seeing his party mates, launched an arrow with a letter to the balcony. Unfortunately, he didn’t consider that there might be protections around the balcony, which was apparently the case; the arrow stopped in midair and shattered. A few glares from the guards nearby and Drael realized he could send a silent image informing them of their discovery.

Quint Strain stepped forward with the Jezebel impersonator to the cheers of the packed crowd. He began the announcement by making a nod towards the anticipation built up around his and Jezebel’s pending nuptials. The crowd roared its approval. “I am sorry I will have to disappoint you.” A hush fell over the crowd. “…Because I asked Templemaster ”/wikis/Farn/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Farn to marry us last night."

There was a moment of silence, and then the cheers erupted throughout the packed square. After a few moments Quint motioned for the crowd to quiet, which they finally did to a dull roar. “But that’s not the biggest announcement I had to make today. Some of you guess that my marriage to Jezebel might mean the re-establishment of a form of nobility for ”/wikis/shivar" class=“wiki-page-link”>Shivar.

This, however, is not necessary to establish my family’s nobility. Allow me to explain: As many of you know, I and my late wife survived the 30 year war and had my beloved daughter, Alexandra.

“What many of you do not know is that my wife, ”/wikis/Alyssa/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Alyssa, was a member of the McGovern family. Clearly she survived the night of blood all those years ago." There were gasps throughout the crowd as the swifter among them realized the implications of this information. “As you may realize, this means that Alexandra is already of Shivaran noble birth, and that I am by marriage.” The stupefied crowd were suddenly shaken into rapturous cheers, at least until Quint spoke again.

“But all of this means nothing without proof.” Templemaster Farn then stepped forward and spoke in his deep sonorous voice. “When Strain and Jezebel came to me to marry them last night, I at first refused. It was only when Strain presented this that I agreed to his request.” At this, Templemaster Farn then presented a dagger with a large green gem. “This is the sigil blade of the High Lord of Shivar. It will only glow for the blood of the noble family.” He gestured to Alexandra to approach and take the blade. As it passed into her grasp, the gem in the hilt lit up with a brilliant emerald light. As its light shone over the square, cheers and applause erupted with thunderous force.

“With this knowledge, I am pleased to announce High Lord Quint Strain.” He turned to the rest of the Templemasters, who all stepped forward in turn to recognize the new High Lord.

As soon as this bombshell was completed, the assassins began their attack. On the bank roof, one of the guards drew his bow and aimed at the balcony. Polycarp immediately drew his bow on him, but hesitated just long enough for him to get off his shot. On the balcony itself, Shugga’s second tensed up and started to move. Vyktor immediately sprang into action, but unsure of the orc’s motives launched a Grease spell to drop him to the floor. Down in the crowd, Artas detected a cloaked figure pushing his way through the crowd. As he pursued, the cloaked figure began pushing his way through the crowd. Unable to catch up, Artas roared a challenge and clearing the crowd between him and the suspect.

The shot from the guard snapped through the air, but instead of crashing into the barrier the shield of force split and fell with a shimmer. The arrow struck true, embedding itself into the new High Lord’s neck. At the same time, the glamer around the Jezebel impersonator fell, the miscellaneous wards and auras collapsed, and any spells prepared and cast refused to function. Quint collapsed in a pool of his own blood. Ignomine desperately asked Snugga if he could help, then leapt forward to Lay on Hands, staunching the bleeding. Vyktor meanwhile identified the arrow as having delivered an Antimagic Field – unfortunately now attached to Quint’s flesh.

Polycarp unloaded on the guard, now revealed to be the assassin. Five arrows pierced the figure in a blur of rapid shooting, and the disguised figure dashed off the side of the bank’s balcony. Artas tried to grab the fleeing character, but he managed to slip out of his grasp just as the other figure landed in front of him. “This is NOT how you said this would go!” he hissed. In response, the fake guard launched himself into the air. Drael meanwhile summoned a swarm of lantern archons to pursue the fleeing assassin.

Ignomine did what he could to heal Quint’s wounds, but was blindsided by the Second bull-rushing him off the balcony. Vyktor, shocked, urged Quint to move back into the building and dashed to the far corner of the balcony, away from the field emanating from him. He then launched a spell that summoned a field of black tentacles, grappling him in place.

The assassin that Artas was pursuing, seeing his immediate future, drew a potion. Artas tried to strike him down but he managed to down the potion, and disappeared. Thinking quickly, Artas menaced the invisible assassin, calling him out for his cowardice. The assassin, compelled by the taunt, tried to sneak attack Artas before he realized that it would purge his invisibility, negating his escape. Seeing no other option, he surrendered.

The sniper, pursued by the archons, began to zigzag through the city streets as he flew. Polycarp dashed off as fast as he could run, barely managing to keep him in view. Harried by the archons, the fleeing assassin was held back long enough for Polycarp to race ahead and set himself up for a shot. He drew a careful bead, then launched a strike that finally dropped the assassin for good.

With the assassins subdued and Quint taken to safety, it was time to clean up the mess. Inside the Merchant’s Guild Tower, a recovered Quint thanked his rescuers and made clear his plan to interrogate his assassins. Farn and the other Templemasters tended to the worst effects of the assassins’ weapons.

To be continued…

Session 20 Recap
A Further Series of Unfortunate Events

Decide to use crystals to meet with Etzio Damien and check his motivations before giving back equipment or (possibly) crystal. Leave equipment on ship, travel outside the city. Crush the crystal, and Edagener appears; try to negotiate shard. Requested to speak to Etzio. Etzio confirms through speaking-stone, essentially, that he was working to return Rovagug. During course of conversation Artas reveals that he was a servant of Sidus and had been there at Rovagug’s original imprisonment. Etzio says to forget the previous deal with the crystal, but to bring him Artas Menethar. Party refuses (Drael hesitated), combat is joined, Edagener says how glad he is that he will get to kill Ignomine with his powers restored.

Kill Edagener, death reveals that he is a lich and will return.

Have a second meeting with Alexandra at a swanky restaurant, Polycarp gets all dressed up like a ponce, they explain their plan to have a public announcement to draw out Jezebel’s assassins, use a double to protect her, and have the party placed strategically around them to capture the assassins. She explained that the teleportation indicated that Evil aligned people were able to teleport, and that the deal with the Temple of Abadar preventing teleportation had been modified. Drael’s attempts to teleport were unsuccessful, indicating that only Evil was allowed to move in this way – a bad sign.

Group reveals they might have been followed, Alexandra is exasperated, they leave back to the ship to prepare.

Once there, the group worked to discover how the equipment of Butcher of the Bay, and the proof of Kharlin’s involvement in the assassination attempt, had been snatched away from them. Vyktor surmised that it had been a spell of recall, which required the use of an Arcane Mark placed upon the item. Realizing that Etzio had declared himself an expert of teleportation, the party realized that much of their gear could be taken away from them. They spent much of the rest of the evening scanning their equipment and discovered arcane marks on all of them. Even more disturbing, Vyktor’s practiced eye revealed that just about ALL of the items had curses laid upon them, nasty devices that would detonate the item, or curse the individual using it, or cause nasty and unwanted effects if used for the wrong (good) purpose. The group sequestered the items in the ship’s extradimensional room and let Vyktor work on defusing the marks and the sabotage.

This required a trip to acquire a scroll of Erase and a few other items, which Artas and Ignomine elected to complete. Vyktor was able to get a few items decontaminated, enough that the party wasn’t completely hampered in its combat effectiveness. Drael meanwhile left to contact his information network. Polycarp tries to infiltrate the Magistrate’s location, is unable to make it past his formidable, beefed-up defenses.

Ignomine goes to Templemaster Farn to give him an update, informs him of the destruction of Edagener, his exposure as a lich, and the issues with the Wolf’s gear teleporting and the concerns regarding his control and that the Temple of Abadar had traditionally controlled teleportation access and the implication that he might be complicit. Farn explained he was working with the Temple of Asmodeus.

Some time later, back at the ship, the group realizes they haven’t heard from Drael in quite some time. Unknown to the party, he had been taken captive and was being tortured for information. He tried to bluff them, but was ultimately unsuccessful, and finally spilled that Polycarp was the one that had killed the Wolf. In a bid to save his life, he offered to deliver Polycarp to them if they set him free. They agreed, but made it clear that someone was going to die the next day… they preferred if it was Polycarp, but someone else would do just as well.

Just as the party was about to go out and try to find Drael, he returned. To his credit he explained everything that had happened. Polycarp immediately went out to scout the locations he’d picked up from his own investigation and the place that Drael was told to deliver him. He found what appeared to be the area they had been keeping Drael and an empty warehouse for the drop.

The party spent the rest of their time arguing about how to approach the handoff. In the end Ignomine, Artas, and Vyktor would hang back under a spell of Invisibility while Drael delivered Polycarp pretending to be an unwitting dupe. They approached the warehouse which was locked on all sides except one. Not wanted to be directed into a trap, Polycarp picked the lock for the loading door and waltzed in. The rest of the party took up positions before Polycarp suddenly went on the offensive. The hostage takers were quickly subdued, but luckily not killed, as they realized too late that they were members of the Shivar Guard.

Apparently the assassins had tipped them off about the bounty and were just there as unwitting agents of the group. Some urgent healing (including restoring the captain’s eye lost in the ambush) and lots of diplomacy and excuses were enough to paper over the issue, but there was still the issue of the guard’s report. The group was able to negotiate something agreeable to the guard, a few days’ delay while they investigated the Blades’ involvement.

The next day, as the party recuperated on the boat, they discovered they had a crate addressed to them on the pier. When they opened it, they saw a note saying “We warned you.” Inside was the tortured and dismembered corpse of Drael’s half-brother, Aramil.

Session 19 Recap
A Series of Unfortunate Events

The party had little time to rest after the battle with the Revenant. Shortly after divesting it of its arms and armor, proof of the corpse’s identity, a flaming concoction was thrown through the window into the room full of corpses and shattered over the bar. Figures could occasionally be seen dashing past the openings, and anyone that passed in front of a window got a crossbow bolt shot at them for their trouble. The fire soon began consuming the bar, detonating jars of alcohol and making the conflagration worse. Ignomine shouted to Artas to recover the body as proof of the encounter, then foolishly very bravely charged out the window to endanger himself harass their attackers.

Meanwhile the fire was steadily growing worse, the exploding bottles of liquor throwing shards of glass and splashes of fire everywhere. Artas tried to dodge the blast and shove the body away, but succeeded in only moving it just outside the edge of the fire and left himself exposed to the flames. Drael was preoccupied with trying to escape from behind the burning bar, while Polycarp dashed upstairs to see if he could get an angle on the attackers. Vyktor was left to try and keep everyone alive, including the incredibly stupid brave half-orc, who was now on fire and running back and forth past the windows outside trying to chase down the assassins.

Having escaped to relative safety (i.e. away from the exploding bottles of booze) Drael was able to summon several water elementals and begin dousing the flames. Vyktor had to divide his attention between the several party members burned in the conflagration, and Polycarp, after missing his attack on an assassin disappearing into an alleyway, showed remarkable presence of mind by checking for people trapped in their rooms upstairs. Defying the flames and thickening cloud of smoke, he expertly picked the lock on the door to find a small girl overcome by smoke, tossed her over his shoulder, and made his way down the stairs.

Ignomine continued to ineffectually harass the assassins outside while still on fire, while Drael’s elementals succeeded in containing the blaze. Vyktor shouted for Ignomine to come back in, Drael cast Invisibility on the party, and the group escaped out the back door… only to be ambushed in the alleyway. Luckily they were not able to detect the invisible group, one of the assassins even managed to smash headlong into Artas as he was moving down the alley. Taken by surprise most of them were quickly dispatched, with the exception of what appeared to be the female leader of the gang. One of them was able to be subdued for later questioning.

At a loss for what to do next, the party handed off the girl to the clerics for care and made their way back to the ship with their new prisoner. As they approached, they saw members of the Shivar city guard waiting at the pier to their ship, arguing with the Harbormaster and trying to board the Retribution. They set their conscious prisoner in a dark alleyway, asking him to stay tight, after agreeing to his terms to be smuggled out of the city. The group then advanced on their ship. Seeing the party approach, the Harbormaster directed the guard to take the argument up with them. The guards explained that two “inspectors” had boarded and one of them been attacked, and demanded to board the ship.

The party boarded the vessel ahead of them and did a quick survey. In the barracks they found the dragon finishing up the last of his meal of human trespasser. The dragon informed them that he(?) had performed his duty and guarded the ship, though the other invader was able to flee. With the deed already done the party had little choice but to praise the dragon for performing its duty so well, erase the little evidence remaining with some Prestidigitation, and asked the dragon to escape into the water to avoid detection. It did so with alacrity… apparently a meal of human had not completely sated its growing appetite. The guard were then invited onto the ship to perform their inspection, found nothing, and left. The surviving trespasser was presumably spending the rest of his time getting blackout drunk and hoping to forget he ever saw anything.

The party now had a chance to take stock and plan their next moves. They were able to squirrel their captive onto the ship (taking care to instruct the dragon, returning with a catch of large fish, that he was not to be eaten) and negotiate their deal to get him out of Shivar. He gave more information, saying that the lady was his employer and that she had some sort of arrangement with the Temple of Asmodeus. Beyond that he didn’t know much, only that they were supposed to take capture the party alive if at all possible.

That mystery still open, they turned to the events just before the attack on the Spiked Gauntlet. The letter that the Mysterious Stranger had dropped told them they could meet someone at one of the warehouses near their pier. They waited until the appointed time at dusk, then set out to meet their contact. Polycarp elected, once again, to find his own way.

After getting past the gatekeeper they were led into the back of the building. The warehouse was packed with crates and boxes, but hidden in the back was a blocked-off area with a table and chairs. Several dock workers were seated there playing cards, but the real surprise was Quint Strain’s daughter Alexandra Strain. She waved for the muscley dockworkers to leave and for the party to sit down to talk. About this moment, she called out to the rafters for whoever was up there to come down from on top of the crates. It appeared that Polycarp’s attempts to come in undetected had not been successful.

With that awkward beginning to the discussions, the conversation spent a lot of time in vague and circuitous terms, neither side revealing with whom they were inclined to ally and what their aims or goals might be. Exasperated, and to Polycarp’s consternation, Ignomine decided to lay his cards on the table. He explained that he was tasked by his Templemaster with a Quest to find out the motivations of Quint Strain and the Magistrate. He also mentioned that they had reason to fear that the ones trying to assassinate Quint’s fiancee, Jezebel, were none other than the Kharlin Blades. When Alexandra seemed skeptical, Ignomine told her about the attack on the Spiked Gauntlet, then motioned for Artas to pull out the armor and blade marked with the sigils of Avandth Wolf, recovered from his body, from the bag of holding. Artas did so… only for the princely equipment to disappear!

Alexandra immediately started to her feet, and warned everyone that they needed to get out of there. She said she would explain later, but that they had to leave the area immediately. With that, the party had no choice but to flee back to their ship.

Session 18 Recap

Continued sailing south in the moonless night. Came upon a ship in the darkness from behind, slowed down then passed them farther out to sea so not to alarm them.

Debated which heraldry and banners to use, decided to go with Adweld because that was where our manifest said the cargo was from and they dock rarely with Shivar, used Drael’s Silent Image to create illusion of mast and rigging.

Docked in the Shivar Docks, realized we had no idea how to read flag signals or semaphore. Had ballistae pointed at us until Raven flew up and explained we were new and dumb at this.

Docked at the Shivar wharf near Warehouse 42. Mild confusion when our ship didn’t have cleats, or a gangplank, or much of anything a regular ship would be expected to have. Harbormaster (contact with Gaius Cerris eventually realized who we were and proceeded to disguise ship.

Dragon needed food, someone went out to get five pounds of meat. Explained to dragon that we were in “hostile” territory and Croach was not available, seemed to accept answer. Had torn up bunk.

Went to High Temple of Abadar to get Ignomine’s Atonement. Was left cooling his heels for an hour. Artas was kicked out because his spikes were poison. Finally made contact with old high priest friend, who took him to the new Templemaster Farn, an irascible dwarf. Demanded that Ignomine find the motivations of the leader of the Merchant Guild, Quint Strain, and that of the Lord Magistrate of Shivar Chandler Thorton to receive his Atonement.

Went to gnome shopkeeper to figure out Artas’s armor poison. Did some test, took samples, tried to trick them into getting more of the poison.

Decided to try to contact Quint Strain first, because he had been out and active (as opposed to Magistrate’s secretiveness) and wanted to find Polycarp’s friend Ayda and make sure she was ok. Went to the Spiked Gauntlet, bartender hadn’t seen her for a few weeks, the Mysterious Stranger appeared and seemed pretty ticked at them For Some Reason. Ignomine followed him out and laid his cards on the table, even though he knew it would probably anger Polycarp (especially because it would annoy Polycarp, once he realized that he was the one that had assassinated Wolf) – he needed to figure out the motivations of those two people so he could atone so he could stop some nasty shit from happening. Hopefully the stranger could help them; in exchange, he could tell the new Temple Master a favorable interpretation of Quint Strain’s motivations, whatever the Free Shivar movement might like, because apparently a deal with the previous Templemaster (who had mysteriously disappeared For Some Reason) had been crucial for them.

Drael came back with his information from his intelligence network, and the party decided to meet and discuss things privately. Hotel tried to gouge them for money, Vyktor instead suggested they use his Rope Trick. They learn some stuff. As they are leaving the extradimensional space and landing in the alley, Artas is ambushed by some cutters threatening to collect on the bounty on his head. Ignomine drops out of the space, they stand back-to-back and BroCan it out. Several of them are rendered into pink mist, but one got away. Polycarp wasn’t there otherwise he would have chased the fourth down and murderkilled him. Vyktor sent Raven out to track him.

As they were processing what happened (and the bodies, for disposal) Edagener appeared. Demanded the piece of crystal or a return of their payment. Party tried to convince him to wait for a day. He did not accept this, insisted it be given immediately. Luckily he didn’t realize they had it, otherwise it was clear he would have killed them right there. His insistence on getting it immediately made the party even more suspicious. They refused. He said, “You know what, I don’t think I’ll be in town tomorrow,” while staring threateningly at Ignomine, then left the alleyway. Shortly afterward, heard a commotion.

Lots of people cursed, diseased, blinded. They gather them up and take them to the Temple of Abadar. The priests there immediately start handling things, Templemaster Farn demands to speak to the party alone. The party explains about Edagener, that this was part of the reason why Ignomine wanted to Atone, other bad news bears. Farn implies he doesn’t care much, but it’s clear Ignomine does, but regardless he cannot allow this destability to grow. Suggest the use of Quest to find the motivations and to stop Edagener, allowing a temporary atonement and return of Iggy’s abilities. Iggy agrees. Detects Farn as evil. Iggy thanks Farn, Farn says he didn’t do it for him, Iggy says he knows.

(maybe missed something here?)

They go get Polycarp at the Spiked Gauntlet, Revenant attacks them, Ignomine lays the smackdown on a few Dullhands and the Revenant, the entire bar full of people die when the Revenant is slain, Iggy collapses in despair.

Session 17 Recap

After a restless night spent in Fort McFaren, the party shared their visions, or at least part of them. Ignomine had seen Edagener attacking goblin children, Godfrey, and his mentor Alduin Halfar in his home town of Fragnick, apparently about a month from the present. Artas saw his past as a Knight of Sidus, advancing on the mountain with a host to presumably attack and imprison the Betrayer, Rovagug. Vyktor saw people scheming to compel his mother to perform some kind of ritual to break some magical seals, threatening her life and anything she might care about to further their ends. Polycarp saw his “friend” Ayda from the Free Shivar movement captured and being tortured. Drael saw someone reporting that his father had been captured, possibly killed, somewhere in Adweld.

With all their secrets figuratively on the table, they decided to put their loot literally on the table to try and plan their course of action. They knew the Commander of the fort was going to be arriving shortly, and with it likely whatever course they would have to take… best to be prepared for it. They sorted through the various treasures, oils, potions, and items they had acquired over their adventures and divvied them up as best made sense. That done, they listed their assets at hand.

  • 1 airship (empty, and busted)
  • 1 dragon egg (bronze, probably infested)
  • 1 dagger (evil, incredibly, unfathomably so)
  • 5 different visions involving several different destinations, all with terrible personal consequences

Unable to ease their minds, the party set to repairing what damage they could to the airship, which they decided to christen Retribution. Vyktor and Artas, working together to translate the ship’s manual and try to understand the power crystal, were able to make a repair using the control gems from the mountain. They also realized that the “tool holders” on the walls were actually receptacles for much larger gems like those they took from the mountain control panel. Finally, with nothing else to occupy their minds, the party decided to rest for the remainder of the night, posting watches aboard the ship while waiting for the Commander to arrive.

Morning brought a buzz of activity at the Fort as the Commander approached, revealed to be none other than Toradan Honorforge along with a human cleric. The party stood to greet him upon the Retribution, but he apparently didn’t notice at first. It was clear that he was irate about something, and the party overheard him griping about a dragon being seen over one of the Kharlin forts and that he was being distracted from investigating that by this trip. It was about then that he noticed the airship, and his wrath diminished to something closer to his usual constant annoyance.

“Oh. So I guess there is an airship.” His gaze then fell on the party, including Artas standing with one foot propped on the bow’s railing. “Oh no, you again.” When the cleric accompanying Toradan whispered into his ear, Ignomine was able to pick up a scrap of phrase, “…we need to investigate that ship.” Seeking to maintain control of the situation and their authority over the Retribution, Ignomine invited them to board the airship and to take a guided tour of the facilities. Toradan seemed unimpressed, but the cleric appeared suitably pleased, cooing at the various magical elements and masterful construction woven into its design.

With that concluded, it was time to tell their story. As they recounted their journey to the mountain, mentioning the Snow Goblin Nisav and her system of hideouts they stumbled upon, Toradan’s eyebrows began to climb; at the mention of the dragon, his skepticism turned to incredulity; when they mentioned the ghost paladin of Abadar and the guardian angel encounter, he scoffed; but when they got to the giant crystal and the culmination of his disbelief, Toradan interrupted them and said he had to respond to a message.

Toradan left the airship then, summoning the Lieutenant to direct him to his office in order to respond to this message, leaving the party without having conveyed the most crucial part of their tale. Momentarily at loss for what to do, Tavi, Tack, and Lance took the opportunity to badger them for information now that they had talked to the Commander. It was at this point that Ignomine remembered that they hadn’t even mentioned the Necromancer and the undead fighting other undead in the North, and that Toradan and the Lieutenant were likely ignorant of a large and potentially hostile force bearing down on their position. When informed of this, the Lieutenant’s face became very pale, his eyes opened wide, and he began stammering in his panic.

He revealed the fact that most of the young recruits in his company were scions of noble houses, and that they were not expected to fight. Ignomine clapped a heavy hand on the officer’s shoulder and gave him clear and direct “suggestions” – warn the rest of the garrison, begin preparations for attack, and make sure the recruits knew methods for fighting various undead. The officer, now steadied, hurried off and began issuing orders. Artas and Vyktor, for their part, shared what they’d learned of means to defeat ghouls, wraiths, and spirits to Tavi and the rest in the hopes that it would give them and the other soldiers an advantage and maybe save some lives.

Toradan returned, incredulous that they had neglected to mention warring undead in their tale. When informed that was not even the worst of it, his eyebrows practically leapt over his scalp. They adjourned to the officer’s conference room for privacy to discuss the release of Rovagug, his role as the Betrayer, the appearance of Lawgiver, and Artas’s past memories of Sidus. Toradan’s eyebrows, now released of any association with his face, demonstrated his shock and disbelief.

With that and confirming the airship was operational, he ordered that they were going to take the airship and head directly to Ceres. The party acquiesced, sensing that resistance would only result in their arrest or possible death, and that they could perhaps get aid within one of the Great Cities and that Ceres might be the best option. As they set off they confirmed that the repairs were holding, and that the Great Causeways seemed to augment the power crystal and helped forestall its constant draining. They made it back to Ceres in record time.

As they approached the outer walls of Ceres, Toradan explained that they were going to speak to the Ordermaster of the Order of Alion. He also warned (delivered with a grim smile) that he was not as trusting of the orc-blooded as he himself was, and to be cautious what they told him.

The outer walls were revealed to be little better than stone curtain walls stretched across large stretches of land enclosing the farmlands of Ceres, and were relatively unmanned. Their flight raced onwards towards the inner walls that appeared near on the horizon. Several minutes of travel later at their rapid pace, however, revealed the walls were much further away, and much, much larger than what might first be assumed. Toradan had sent word ahead, and the party saw the much more heavily-defended inner walls laden with ballistae, catapults, and other siege equipment that could have made quick work of their hobbled air ship.

Once they neared the city center, Toradan directed them to a large landing platform near the Order of Alion and the College of Ceres. Vyktor guided the Retribution to a smooth landing, with nary a bump, and staff on the platform quickly cast grappeling hooks over the ship and anchored it to the platform. The party disembarked, and Toradan guided them into the entrance and through the fortifications to the Order Master’s office.

They were led to a large room with a large man sitting behind a desk busily at work writing on parchment. Behind him were two massive creatures, a large celestial wolf on one side and a large dire tiger on the other, sleeping upon large cushions. Following Toradan’s lead the party remained silent until they were acknowledged, the scratching of the quill oddly loud in the vast room.

“I didn’t expect you to be back so soon, Toradan,” the Ordermaster said finally. He looked up, weighed the sight of the party, and then began rummaging in his desk. Pulling out pieces of jerky, he tossed one at the wolf, who caught it without opening his eyes, chewed it, and then stretched to sit up and regard them languidly. The other piece he tossed at the tiger, which hit it in the face, until it too chewed its snack and observed the group with keen intelligence. It gave the impression that they were being weighed.

With their audience gazing at them intently, the party repeated their tale, including what information they could without unduly incriminating themselves. Once finished, the Ordermaster regarded them seriously for a moment, then gestured to his page and began whispering to him. The messenger raced out of the room, apparently intent on delivering a message. The Ordermaster then turned back to them and said, “Your tale is fantastic, but I find myself wanting to believe you. Surely someone couldn’t come up with such an incredible tale on their own. But I have to be certain that you’re telling the truth. Do you agree to have your truth and the motivations of your actions tested?” One by one, the party members gave their assent.

After a seemingly long wait, the messenger returned panting heavily in the company of a refined-looking old woman. The Ordermaster regarded her and asked, “I want you to Commune and have these people prove their story. Are you prepared?” The woman nodded, and said, “Of course. Follow me, please,” and gestured back to the doorway she had come through.

The party followed her into what must have been one of the building’s towers, for they took a spiraling staircase down, down, down deep into base of the building. She led them into an immense chamber with a ritual circle embedded in the floor. It was approximately at this point that Polycarp decided to check out; he’d had enough of this magical shit. The rest of the group followed the ritualist’s gestures and stood in the center of the large circle forty feet or more across as more casters appeared and stationed themselves at points around the outside of the circle. They began chanting a prayer of some kind, mumbling under their breath over and over as the ritual circle began to glow. Suddenly, the circle flashed with brilliance and the party found themselves within a cylinder of radiant light reaching up beyond their sight, their vision outside of the circle blocked by whiteness.

A voice rumbled, vast and rolling:

What is it that you seek?

The ritualist replied, “We seek judgement of the word and actions of these present.”

A figure appeared in the circle then, and approached Artas first.

Why did you fail?

Artas answered.

The figure nodded, then turned to Ignomine.

Why did you not obey the laws of Guest Right?

Ignomine stuttered an answer, “Because I knew of the challenges we must face, and that I would need Drael’s help to complete them.”

The figure regarded him for a moment, then turned to Drael.

Why did you kill a foe that had yielded to you?

Drael made a smirk, and then said, “Well, see, I only had a moment to react, and he had just been attacking us, and I didn’t want to take the chance that…”

The figure drew its blade as Vyktor stepped up and spoke, “Whatever punishment is in store for him, let me take in his stead.”

The figure stopped, then nodded, and Vyktor vanished in a flash of light. The figure then nodded to the rest of them, and intoned its farewell:

Your actions and intentions have been judged. These proceedings are at an end.

… and vanished, as did the wall of light surrounding them. The party stood flabbergasted at the empty spot where Vyktor had stood, and Ignomine felt the first rushes of rage and anger at Drael, first for being the cause of his Fall, and now for condemning Vyktor to who knew what fate for his own actions.

Before they could react, however, the ritualist gathered them together and ushered them up the spiral staircase back to the Ordermaster. He seemed moderately surprised to see them, but made no comment on their missing member.

A bird flew on his desk and mentioned some things, then flew off.

Vkytor appeared, good as new.

The Ordermaster called the bird back from eavesdropping to deliver a message to someone.

They remembered the evil-as-heck dagger, and the Ordermaster summons the ritualist again (who complained about making her climb all those stairs again, she’s not getting any younger you know!) to cleanse it. Turns out it possessed the soul of the wizard that was attempting to reach lichdom. Also (and this may not be known to the party) the guy that got killed was the High Priest of Abadar. Whoopsie!

The Ordermaster asked them to meet with a person to discuss a possible deal.

The party meets with an elderly gentleman who asks that they look into the assassination attempt on his niece. The party belatedly realize who he is, and he offers to repair their airship. Once they agree, he explains his plan and suggests the party get into Shivar discreetly and disguise the airship as a regular water-borne craft on the Shivar Docks and meet with some of his contacts there.

By the time the party get outside they see that Rufus Amillos has already been aboard and repaired much of the damage, including the installation of a brand-new (ancient) power crystal in exchange for the old one, and the stabilization of many of its trim crystals and the repair of the extradimensional storage room.

The party take off, the newly-augmented power resulting in them yanking the anchor ropes off of the platform with them, and launch off to the north to disguise their path. Once outside the outer walls, they climb higher and look for a place to cut east. Finding a riverbank, they dive down at low level and race toward the coast, hugging the ground to foil observation (though some fishermen may have poured out their drinks after seeing them pass.) Once out over sea they climbed significantly higher to continue to avoid observation and headed south towards the Docks.

Once at the coast they were beset by air elementals. Polycarp was on the bow’s observation post and was the worst afflicted, but held his own until Artas and Ignomine could charge in from the engine room. Vyktor flew the Retribution to minimize the impact if the elementals knocked them from their altitude. Drael blasted the elementals, until finally the last of them dissipated in a cloud of dust.

Later as the party recuperated, they realized the Bag of Holding they kept the egg in was writing around. They moved to the barracks as an enclosed space, opened the bag, and a tiny dragon hatchling flew out! It said its name was Vord and its Purpose was to guard, though it hadn’t heard the voice and instructions of the Mother for some time. It asked if the party were Vord to which they said nothing, but strongly implied that they were. Vyktor very cleverly gave it a small pile of gold coins to guard so it could fulfill its Purpose, but also help remember its draconic heritage. Also it ate the Croach-infused remnants of its shell, so hopefully it will be able to eat other stuff.

Also holy shit a hive-mind possessed dragonling, this isn’t a dangerous idea at all! (Ignomine puked over the railing of the airship once he realized what had happened to it and what it might become.) Who knows if they can break the influence of the green goo, which is apparently Vord.

Session 16 Recap
Out of the Volcanic Frying Pan...

We’ve made a huge mistake

Having successfully eluded the insane clutches of Veroxx but unable to proceed past his guard in their current state, the party decided to retreat to the relative safety of the antechamber just outside of the teleporter room. There they set up watch and began to plan for how they would get to the crystal.

After much preparation, they decided to apply a bevy of buffs to protect them from Veroxx’s wrath. Ignomine extended the protection of Abadar against Chaos to his companions, while Vyktor requested Calistria’s protection from and resistance to fire and make him invisible, and provide a boon of Haste to the party and Polycarp in particular. Drael likewise made himself and Polycarp invisible, while Artas cast his own protective shields. The plan was to try to distract Veroxx long enough so that Polycarp could bypass whatever protections were on the stairs down and use the Chisel given to them by Etzio Damien once he had found the Soul Gem. If he was unsuccessful, or the party was unable to distract Veroxx, or anything else went wrong, the backup plan was to attack Veroxx with everything they had.

Rested and prepared, the party executed their plan. After triggering the portal to the mountain’s heart and Veroxx’s lair, Artas led most of the group into danger. Polycarp held back, waiting for an opportune moment to sneak past. Right off the bat the plan started to go awry. Before Artas had even gone thirty feet into the room a skeletal warrior with a dragon skull wreathed in flame and magma crawled out of the fiery pit and blocked their way. Immediately Artas attacked. Far off, lying directly on top of the gate down, slept the form of the lava drake they had battled the previous day.

Ignomine charged in alongside Artas to deliver the killing blow, splintering the skeleton and dropping its flaming skull upon the path. Invisible to the rest of the party, Drael cast Spiderclimb and wall-crawled his way above the party for a better vantage point and began summoning fire elementals to combat the dragon. Artas, seeing an opening, signaled to Polycarp to begin his assault. He sprang from the shadows, nimbly flipped over the ten feet of lava separating the paths to the way down, and sped across the remaining distance… all completely invisible and impossible for the rest of the party to see. But it was awesome-looking, I’m sure.

Artas and Ignomine continued farther down the main path, tentatively waiting for Veroxx to make his appearance, which Veroxx obliged in suitably dramatic fashion. He emerged from the magma, molten rock dripping from his obsidian scales. “Oh, it’s you again. I thought I had allowed you to leave with your lives. No matter now.” With a glance, he set off the flaming skull in a burst of acrid smoke, blocking the path back. Thankfully, Drael and Vyktor were high above the poisonous cloud and avoided the worst of its effects.

Polycarp, meanwhile, prepared to eviscerate the still-sleeping drake. He readied his rapier, chose his target, and struck… only to have the illusion disappear, and as his invisibilty faded he realized his mistake. Luckily their plan to distract Veroxx seemed to be working, so he set to work disarming the traps and locks on the gate now barring their passage forward.

Veroxx attacked Artas and Ignomine, showering them with a blast of his furnace-hot breath and shattering their hope that they could solve this with words. Thankfully the wards cast on them by Vyktor held, and the heat of his attack did not reach them. Ignomine’s curved blade, bound to the principles of Law, slashed out in retaliation, and Artas struck home with a mighty blow of his greatsword. Veroxx decided it was best to attack from outside the range of these fighters and flew up beyond their reach.

Drael continued to summon allies to the fight, clinging to the walls and invisible to Veroxx. The fire elementals, unable to fly, were ineffective once Veroxx became airborne, but he summoned a swarm of lantern-archons that pelted the dragon with multiple beams of light. Vyktor boosted Ignomine’s size, trying to get the dragon within reach, while Artas followed suit with a scroll of his own. Faced with the two fighters and a swarm of impinging fire, Veroxx retreated to the archway to the stairs, feet away from the no longer invisible Polycarp.

Polycarp faced a dilemma: having already disabled the poison gas trap, he could unlock the gate and escape down the stairs but risk alerting the dragon. Alternately, he could use the element of surprise and attack the dragon and extract every advantage he could… but at the risk of incurring its wrath and far from the help of his compatriots. Instinct fought with reason, but in the end reason won out. He eased his lockpicking tools into the gate and was satisfied with an audible “click” as the lock sprang free… and a booming voice said “Oh, hello.” Despite his best efforts, Veroxx had noticed.

The rest of the party looked on with dread as they realized that Polycarp had been spotted, and far from their help. Vyktor launched a bolt of energy, sapping the dragon’s strength with a wave of exhaustion. Seeing the path wind off into the distance and far too long to help Polycarp, Ignomine instead clumsily launched himself across the lava, teetered on the edge, and blessedly regained his balance before falling back in. He waved to Artas to follow him, only belatedly noticing the red-hot tentacle waving menacingly between them… and that had just missed pulling him into the molten rock. He paled, but figuring one heedless act deserved another, he charged into combat with the dragon once more.

Despite knowing what might lurk beneath the pool of lava for him, Artas leaped across the chasm as well, slashing away the tentacles and closing to the fray. Blocked by Ignomine’s enlarged form, he tried to shove past. The walkway was too narrow though, and he found himself stumbling over the blistering hot inferno. Drael’s fire elementals came to the rescue, sweeping beneath his gigantic boots and supporting his weight enough to escape the flames and fires of the mountain’s heart, while Drael himself summoned even more archons to join the fight. Soon nearly a dozen of the creatures were swarming about the dragon, blasting it with holy light and orbiting it like some bizarre star system.

Veroxx ignored all this, and instead unleashed his fury upon the exposed Polycarp. His serpentine neck snapped out, catching the rouge in his jaws and holding him in place. Veroxx blasted a wave of antimagic energy out, eliminating or suppressing the magics that the party had cast to protect themselves and hinder the dragon. Sensing an opening, Vyktor sent his thrush Raven to boost their protection once more, and slammed Veroxx with another exhausting wave. Unheeding, the dragon assaulted Polycarp with a barrage of teeth and claws, wings and tail thrashing. Faced with the focused onslaught of a wrathful dragon, it wasn’t long before Polycarp succumbed to his wounds.

Veroxx’s obsession would be his undoing. Focused on Polycarp, the dragon didn’t notice Drael summoning more archons to the fray, or Artas relinquishing his enlarged state to charge into melee, allowing Ignomine to use his magically enhanced reach to fight from behind him. One of the archons was able to boost Polycarp back to consciousness, allowing him to slip into the passage unnoticed, while Vyktor continued to keep the party on its feet. Under the assault of dozens and dozens of ray attacks, the dragon was clearly becoming overwhelmed. Victory seemed at hand… and then it all went wrong.

Ignomine, sensing the end was near but not wanting to see the end of such a majestic creature before its time called out for Veroxx to yield. Surprisingly, the dragon bowed its head in acquiescence, and Artas held up a fist and called for their allies to hold their fire. The archons, however, did not stop, and unleashed a final barrage. Veroxx exploded into a cloud of smoke and flame, washing over those near in a singeing wave, and Ignomine felt his protective shields fail. A shudder went through the entire mountain, and the party feels it’s beyond time to get their mission over with. They spend a few moments patching themselves up and descend into the room beyond the stairs.

Down there, the find a spectral figure with wings of radiant energy and a brilliant white hood with nothing but darkness beneath the cowl, apparently guarding the door on the opposite side of the chamber. To its left lay a decomposing corpse wearing brilliant armor. Close to them, and to their right, stood a ghostly shape of a hobgoblin. The ghostly hobgoblin introduced himself as Lancer, a paladin of Abadar, and greeted Ignomine as a fellow member of the order. “So the Guard has finally come? Good, it was about time. I was worried I would never get out of here.”

It took some explaining, but apparently Lancer had been part of a cosmopolitan civilization from before Arela was abandoned where Elf, Orc, Goblin, and Man all worked together. During Lancer’s time thousands of years ago, the races were all fleeing the continent because of some great cataclysm, and he had been ordered to destroy the crystal beyond the door facing them. The Angel standing in front of them had bested Lancer, however, and the properties of this room had prevented him from seeking his eternal rest, for it was his body lying before the door.

For the last thousand years Lancer’s ghost had been attempting to get past the Angel, to no avail. However, he believed that he could delay the angel long enough for the rest of the party to get through, as he had fought it multiple times to no long-term ill effect. The Angel stood silent sentinel while they debated what they should do. In the end, the agreed to Lancer’s plan, his allegiance to Abadar and his previous mission to destroy the crystal clearly easing Ignomine’s mine about their task.

As Artas advanced the Angel spoke its first and last words: “Begone from this place.” Lancer leapt into action, tackling the Angel’s spectral form and dragging it off to the side. “HURRY!” he shouted, and the party pushed through the door.

The massive chamber chamber beyond was nearly filled with an enormous crystal, 60 feet in height, 20 feet in diameter, and perfectly flawless, hovering slightly above the ground. Polycarp stepped forward with the Chisel given to them by Etzio and pushed it against the faceted surface, fighting against a field of energy before it contacted with a light “plink”. Using the hammer from his tool kit, he gave the chisel a solid thwack.

The entire crystal, chamber, and mountain seemed to give a sonorous toll as a wave of energy washed over the group, and a resounding CRACK revealed a foot-long fracture piercing the formerly flawless crystal. Two of the party were momentarily stunned by the wave of energy, but Polycarp pressed on with another blow. There was another ring, another wave of energy, and another crack that reached the very heart of the crystal and broke off a shard from its side, the tide of energy knocking most of the party unconscious with only Ignomine and Raven withstanding its effects to bear witness to what happened next.

First, the wave of energy came with the collapse of all the wards and barriers that had been in the mountain complex; runes, sigils, and other formerly visible arcane marks flared to visibility before collapsing to inertness. The barriers preventing the detection of magic and evil fell soon after, allowing Ignomine and Raven to see the effects of their handiwork. A hand reached out from the gap where the crystal shard had been liberated and began grasping around, while a portentious voice rasped freedom. One glance at the hand and Ignomine was blasted with a wave of revulsion, the Evil searing his sight and roiling his stomach. His unconscious compatriots groaned as the wave washed over them, all of them beset by horrible visions. Ignomine felt a wave of despair wash over him.

Then a crash from outside the room announced the approach of a gargantuan creature. With a smash, a figure thirty feet high crashed through the wall and slammed a hand the size of a wall against the breach in the crystal. In a booming voice the size of thunder it ordered them to “LEAVE, NOW! WE CAN’T HOLD IT FOR MUCH LONGER.” Veroxx swooped in, landing upon the outstretched hand and swathing it with his wings, lending what aid he could, his large body looking like nothing more than a pet bird perched upon his hand. The mountain shuddered ominously once more.

Ignomine stood dazzled, for before him stood Lawgiver himself, the aspect of Abadar, and what else but the creature that had yielded to him and been slain instead. Relief flooded him, because it would be all right now. “SAVE YOUR FRIENDS, AND GO! THERE’S NO TIME” the giant repeated. Ignomine stuttered an apology for releasing whatever evil was inside the crystal, and filled with the presence of his god’s aspect Channeled Divinity to heal his friends to consciousness. “YOU COULD NOT HAVE KNOWN, AND ABADAR DOES NOT BLAME YOU. BUT FOR YOUR ACTIONS HERE TODAY, YOU MUST ATONE.”

The healing energy still suffusing him, Ignomine felt his connection to his god, the sheltering warmth of his protection, and comforting weight of his presence lifted from him. He had Fallen. The mountain gave another alarming rumble, and the party scooped up the crystal shard and fled into the main chamber. From the far doorway they heard the sounds of the undead much closer and seemingly not as preoccupied with combat. With no time to waste dealing with their fear and despair, they took the door to the mountain top and surveyed the scene.

They saw that the army of the undead that had swarmed over the mountain and guarded it for ages had collapsed, and the other undead army was pressing to the main entrance. Thankfully, the side entrance they had taken still seemed unobserved. The party, however, could not say the same for themselves, as they saw large flying figures in the distance swerve in midair to point in their direction. They had to get down the mountain, and quickly.

Polycarp had his ring of Featherfall to protect him, and Drael had his Cape of the Mountebank. That left Drael to summon dire bats to carry the remaining three down the mountain to more passable terrain. With the aerial scouts bearing down on them, they scrambled under the protective and disguising layer of ice to their airship and began preparations for launch. Polycarp took the helm, while Vyktor and Drael manned the engine crystal. Artas and Ignomine relayed directions, as without his healing Ignomine could no longer power the engines.

His healing would have made little difference, though. When Vyktor and Drael entered the crystal room, they saw that the suspended Soul Gem had a large crack in it. In addition, it no longer glowed with the warm yellow-white light it had previously, but instead a sinister purple-black. It seemed the wave of energy that burst from the massive crystal had reached as far outside as here, and probably explained the collapse of the undead as well. In any case, the crystal had sufficient charge to get underway, though it was clear the crack was causing it to lose power continuously, and they had little enough time left.

Polycarp launched them into the air, and they made a speedy escape south going as fast as the crystal’s compromised state would let them. They outpaced their pursuers and spend a dark and fitful night traveling. They arrived near midnight at one of the border castles along the Great Northern Causeway, and eventually convinced the patrols that they were not undead and to allow them to pass. The last of the crystal’s energy was sucked out as they passed the gate, and the airship ground to a halt just inside the gates.

There they alerted the garrison, seemingly composed only of teenagers and other green recruits, and requested the presence of the Commander for the Ceres garrison as soon as possible. Looking at the stars revealed that, whatever their perception of time had been within the mountain, apparently nearly a month had passed in the outside world, and apparently many of the Great Cities were on the brink of war. When told that it would be a day before he could arrive, the party settled down to process all that had happened.

Session 15 Recap

Interview with a Vampire Dragon

With the red gem placed into the statue’s hilt, the massive doorway opened onto a hellish sight. An enormous room opened up before them with a flat ten-foot-wide walkway winding its way around to the left, arcing in a half circle before coming in and doubling back on itself, closing in on a pillar or walled circle in the center. Level with the path was a lake of lava, liquid molten rock radiating heat into the air and making it shimmer and ripple, its red hot contents bubbling and oozing languidly. It was going be uncomfortable for the foreseeable future, given the cold-weather gear they were all wearing.

The party cautiously advanced along the walkway when a booming, mellifluous voice sang out, filling the chamber with its sound. It was clear it was a language, but none that the party understood.

After a moment of confusion the party answered the voice, and a massive shape moving beneath the lava sent a bulge across its surface. The voice responded, this time in Common.

They could not force me like they did you lot.
For the same reason the bane couldn’t take me I think.
They had said it was because I am mad,
but I just don’t see the link.

But I have new visitors again, so can it be true?
Have the manlings returned to the land they once knew?

I’ve been here so long it is hard to track the years.
A few decades I’d guess, not the centuries I’d feared
since the last manlings came and entered my room.
They were fun and tasty but gone far too soon.

I grow bored and am curious now, so I’ll give you this offer:
a series of games and challenges I proffer.

If you win, this room I will let you leave unmolested
Lose, I will release my pets and you get ingested.

I want your full attention, and threats to your life may be too light a touch.
After all, coming here shows you don’t value them much.

So with your lives I’ll offer another prize to pay.
For each challenge you beat, answer one question I may.

Ask a question to which I am not permitted to answer
and I’ll grant you two new ones as a prize enhancer.

First, I will ask of each of you a riddle in turn.
Guess right and you win some knowledge to learn.

Guess wrong and you lose, but you may guess again for a fee.
Just answer a question and sate my curiosity.
Answer the question for me and another guess you receive;
You forfeit if you don’t answer or you try to deceive.

Next I will ask of each of you a task.
Complete them and you’ve won another question to ask.

If you all make it through we can part ways in peace.
But I’m willing to bet this day ends in a feast.

So let us not delay any longer.
Let us begin with the one who is stronger.

Turning to Ignomine, the Voice continued:

My mother is a strong and proud Orc female,
We live in an Orc village like from a fairytale.
One day a dark god came to the village, insane.
He struck dead every creature with orc blood in its veins.
So tell me Paladin, can you contrive,
If all this is true, why am I still alive?

Ignomine, thinking of his own upbringing, responded with the only thing that made sense to him: ‘You are adopted.’ The voice chuckled, and the singsong response came:

An answer you gave, but a wrong one I fear.
Perhaps you did not understand, or were unable to hear.
Regardless, you’ve lost, but fear not! You still have a chance!
You can answer again and still get to advance.

If you would continue, I would know where you’re from.
Where were you born? From whence do you come?

The paladin had a sudden fear of this dragon running loose in his home, burning the only place he’d truly felt welcome and loved. Still, he figured that a dragon trapped in a mountain for centuries or even decades probably wasn’t aware of his little home town, so he responded honestly: ‘Fragnick.’

There was a momentary silence, then came the bemused reply:

Very well, you’ve responded, and honestly I deem,
Though where Fragnick is I know not, nor what it might mean.
You may answer once again, but be warned!
Future trick answers may mean you are harmed.

Dealing with this rhyming madman had led Ignomine to what he was certain was the right answer, because it was something he wished were true right at that moment: ‘You were somewhere else.’ The response came swift: ‘Correct. You may ask your question.

Ignomine, who had been pondering whether destroying the crystal was the right thing to do for some time, asked the voice, ‘What does the crystal do?’

Alas, a subject about which I cannot reply.
Two more you may ask, though more of the crystal I’ll deny.

Thinking hard, Ignomine came up with what he thought was a clever workaround. ‘What would you do if the crystal was destroyed?’

I would leave,’ came the response. Ignomine elected to save his second question until the others had gone, clearly needing more time to ponder his phrasing. The sing-song voice resumed:

For the Half-Orc, of course, I gave an easy one first,
Now the Drow will get a chance at my next rhyming verse:

I have a mouth, but cannot talk.
I can run but never walk.
I have a head, but never weep.
I have a bed, yet never sleep.
What am I?

Vyktor spent some time pondering this riddle. After what seemed an interminable period, he responded with the correct answer, ‘A river.’ His question came more quickly; holding up the chisel, he asked, ‘Will this destroy the crystal were we to use it?’ There was a pause, as if the voice was pondering or examining the artifact that the drow held aloft, but Polycarp noticed two brilliant shining yellow beads set into a faceted obsidian ridge emerge from the magma. He nudged Vyktor and pointed it out, giving him just enough time to identify it as a Magma Dragon before it disappeared under the glowing surface.

It appears that it will.’ The party braced themselves for an attack, but none was forthcoming. Vyktor shared the news of what it was they were facing, and the fact that they were considered unpredictable and even insane by other dragons, a group not always known for their stability. As a few of the party members processed the realization that they were in the presence of a very powerful, very real, very likely to attack them dragon, the beast realized it had been seen and emerged from the volcanic pool.

Molten rock dripped from its glittering obsidian carapace, and cracks and gaps between its scales glowed with the fires the inferno within. Rivulets of lava continued to spill down its flanks as it emerged, and guttering lines of flame cascaded from its toothy maw.


So nice to finally make your full acquaintance.
I’ve been wanting to make a dramatic entrance.

The party stood in awe of the large creature, but managed to resist the aura of fear and menace emanating from it. Seeing that the group of intruders was not going to run, the dragon continued.

Veroxx, you may call me, spelled with two ’X’es.
Your continued cleverness begins to vex us.
Answer your next riddle more quickly this time
for I am growing bored and tire of rhyme.

Turning now to Drael, the voice continued:

A strange earthen house
that brings nought but disdain.
And yet those who stay there,
Never do complain.

The sorcerer hemmed and hawed, trying to think of a response. True to his nature, he also began chatting up the 15 foot tall reptile, asking him if he had any children. The response was chilling.

Yes. None living.

The silence stretched awkwardly, until Drael finally blurted out, ‘The privy?’

Wrong. Now answer me, how long has it been since Manlings returned to this continent?

They answered as best they could, approximately 400 years ago. Drael was given a second chance, and answered correctly with ‘A Grave.’ His question was ‘Who are the Council of Nine?’

Veroxx was much more brusque with his response, and did not rhyme this time. ‘Another topic I may not discuss. You have two questions you may ask.

The sorcerer, thinking of his friend Artas, then asked, ‘What happened to Sidus?’

The gruff reply: ‘The Betrayer.

Nonplussed, he soldiered on. ‘My second question: Who is the Betrayer?’ At this the dragon acted coy, and replied,

I am forbidden from telling you that Rovagug was the Betrayer.

While the party pondered this, Polycarp was next.

Not Buckets, not barrels, not baskets, nor cans;
What must you fill with empty hands?

‘Gloves,’ he answered confidently. ‘Who are you here for?’ The answer was similarly dissatisfying to his previous answers: ‘I am here for myself.’ Finally, it was time for Artas to respond.

It can pierce the best armor,
and make swords crumble with a rub.
Yet for all of its power,
it can’t harm a club.

Artas gave some serious thought before replying, “Rust.” At Veroxx’s nod, he asked his question: “What happened to Rovagug?”

At this, the dragon seemed to lose patience, the cracks between its obsidian scales flaring with light and heat.

You should know that is a forbidden topic, and your impertinence makes me think you imagine this is a game just because I amuse myself with riddles. You forfeit your question… answer another riddle, or face my wrath!

The party noticed with some alarm that any pretense toward rhyme had been dropped. They also noted a dark significance to his last question…

What must be kept after it is given
or else you may not be forgiven?

Artas, very carefully, responded with the answer: “Your word.”

Very well. You have passed the first portion of the amusements I have devised for myself. I grow tired of riddles and rhymes. The second phase begins now.” The dragon pointed towards Ignomine and Vyktor. “These religious ones shall go first. I wager that you have experience fighting undead, but how good are you? Kill my challenger before it hurts you, or else you lose.

With that, a fiery demon appeared on the walkway before them. Polycarp nocked an arrow and Drael and Artas readied themselves for combat, but from Veroxx’s demeanor it was clear that the orc and the drow would have to face this challenge alone, without their help.

Though the flames and embers wreathing the figure, Vyktor was able to identify it as something like a bearded devil. He warned Ignomine, then cast protective spells around him and sped his motions as the fiend made its slow advance towards them. Ignomine called upon Abadar to strike down the outsider, pulled on the power of his cloak to guide his strike, and charged the devil once it was in reach. Shouting “The Mountain Falls upon the Unwary!” Ignomine banished the demon with a devastating overhand blow.

Hmph. Very well. Next, your disfigured friend. You must touch the ceiling, or touch me, without getting hurt.” With that, the dragon retreated into the magma pool and sunk until only its head was visible.

The rogue thought about his next move. The walls in the chamber were smooth stone forty feet tall before they began curving to the ceiling eighty feet above them. With Drael’s Spider Climb spell it would be a piece of cake, but he got the impression that would not be accepted by the dragon. Touching Veroxx, on the other hand, would require a thirty foot leap over open magma, and who knew what would happen after he landed on the beast… would it submerge itself, allowing his victory but taking his life? He decided to avoid trusting the creature and instead took matters into his own hands.

First, he borrowed one of the mighty bows his compatriots had, and though they looked at him suspiciously (was he going to try to shoot the dragon? Was he crazy?!) they complied. He then took some of the fine elven rope they had, the really long length, and tied it to one of the Arelan Steel longbow arrows he’d bargained for from Etzio. Finally, he nocked the arrow, drew with all his strength, and fired it into the ceiling. The extra punch from the bow was enough to overcome the weight of the slender rope and smash itself into the rock hard enough to support his weight. After a few experimental tugs he easily clambered up the rope and patted the rock ceiling above. He then slid down the rope and undid the knot with a complicated tug, though the valuable arrow was left embedded far above.

Very well, the dragon growled, “you’ve passed. The final challenge goes to you two. Keep my minion from touching any of you. Make contact, with any of you, and you lose. Let’s see you get out of this one!” Suddenly, a large dragonoid burst from the surface of the pool and landed in front of them, the lava dripping from its scales and hissing as it hit the walkway. It advanced upon the party and now they had to avoid getting hit by the creature while still being forbidden from helping.

Drael identified it as a lava drake, a male and slightly smaller form of dragon, and came up with a solution. While Artas distracted it with a fierce and intimidating show of force, the sorcerer made the rest of the group invisible. Then, he summoned a herd of horses, counting on the drake to favor the easy meal over the much fiercer party. Its reptilian head snapped forward, its jaws snapping as it took a bite… out of the summoned steed! Artas quickly retreated while the beast was distracted, was made invisible as well, and Drael kept the drake supplied with more summoned horses as it tore through the herd, banishing them from the plane often after a single bite or fierce slash of its claws. Once time was up, it left to return to the magma pool.

With a roar Veroxx launched himself out of the magma and onto the path just outside the archway into the pillar that led down to, presumably, the crystal and the object of their quest. “Fine. You have beaten my challenges. You may leave in peace, instead of pieces.” The party looked at each other quizzically; wasn’t the whole point of this so they could go forward? Seeing their confused expression, the dragon’s annoyed tone turned to one of supercilious glee. “I never said you could go on, if you’ll recall. I only said we could part ways in peace. So go. Before I change my mind.” The last part was finished with a snarl.

Seeing no other options and worn out from the ordeal, certainly not capable of challenging a dragon in its lair, the party had no choice but to retreat, regroup, and plan for another attempt.


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