Abadar (pronounced AH-bah-dar), the god of cities, law, merchants, and wealth, is known to be a patient deity. Maintaining a strong neutral stance in his actions, he sets forth to expand civilization and order among the peoples of Untopa.

Abadar and his followers wish to bring the light of civilization to the wilderness, to help educate all in the benefits of law and properly regulated commerce. He expects his followers to obey all meaningful laws, but not those which are ridiculous, unenforceable, or self-contradictory. He is also a great proponent of peace, as war inevitably leads to the degradation of trade and the stifling of prosperity for the general public. He advocates cautious, careful consideration in all matters, and frowns on impulsiveness, believing that it leads to the encouragement of primitive needs. Abadar discourages dependence on government or any religious institution, believing that wealth and happiness should be achievable by anyone with keen judgement, discipline, and a healthy respect for all sensible, just laws.

Paladins of Abadar are very rare in Untopa. He has temples and shrines in many cities but nothing like a unified church, more like isolated separate orders here and there. Paladins of Abadar can typically be found in high level law enforcement. People who follow him have noticed a trending increase in the number of clerics and priests he has bestowed his grace upon since the rediscovery of Arela. Some take this as a sign that it is his will to bring civilization back to the whole of Arela. Like the rest of the gods of Untopa, direct communication with Abadar and his high celestial order is difficult and cryptic on all matters pertaining to Arela itself, so his will on the matter is largely speculation. There are perhaps a handful of paladins of Abadar on the whole of Arela, the current Magistrate of Shivar is said to be one.

Paladin Code of Abadar


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